Patch 4.4 Review Courtesy of Saintvicious

Hi everyone!

So I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is…I’m employed again! Yay for that weight off my shoulders. Thankfully it has only been a few weeks since my last contract expired, so I haven’t had time to go too crazy or get too stressed out. But more on my job adventures/life status in another post.

The bad news is that I am super tired and probably can’t stay up late enough to give you a solid review of Patch 4.4, which should be hitting sometime tonight or tomorrow. Instead, I’m going to post this video of pro player Saintvicious reviewing the patch notes. Saint can be a bit vulgar at times, my apologies for that, but his insight is honestly spot on. He has one of strongest understandings of the game out of all of the North American pros and listening to him has served me well in the past.

If you want a quick 20 minute review of the patch then this should do the trick. Enjoy, and sorry I couldn’t do a writeup for you guys.

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