Life Hacks for League of Legends: The First


Life Hacks seem to be all over my newsfeed these days, so I thought that I should throw down a few of these for League of Legends. I might start small here, but if you have any ways that you make your games easier for yourself definitely share them below.

Playing in the top lane against a ranged opponent: Remember that time you picked Olaf, your opponent chose top lane Vayne and ran around shooting you for 20 minutes? Yeah, no one enjoys that. You won’t always see it coming, but when it does look like your enemy is going to be a ranged champion in the top lane I recommend running your own ranged champion. More than that, I recommend running something really hard hitting out of the mid lane.

Any time it looks like I’m about to go up against a Teemo or Kennen I respond with Annie. You can farm safely, poke your opponents even better than they can poke you, and blow them up when you hit six. Just remember to take some wards if your ranged top is bad at escaping from ganks.

Landing skill shots on your support: Having trouble hitting the enemy with your skill shots? An easy way to predict where your opponent will end up is by watching your own creep wave. When one of your minions is getting low in health it is basically guaranteed that your opponent will move to take a shot at them. This allows you to get some idea of where your opponent will move so you can have your Zyra snare waiting.

Dodging skill shots made easy: It’s late, you’re tired, you’ve had a few too many root beers and your opponent is picking a team made to slow or stun you forever. Easy, play Morgana. Morgana is one of the safest champions to play in League of Legends. A great Morgana needs to have amazing positioning, a tired and slightly out of it Morgana only needs to be able to cast her spell shield on herself and her W on minions. You won’t play great, but I promise you won’t hurt your team.

Hope you found at least one of those tips helpful. I’m always looking to come up with more and you can count on me sharing them with you when I do. In the meantime, if you have any great tips let me hear about them in the comments below.

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