The Delightful Duo Queue Experience

I was scanning through the League of Legends reddit, as I often do to see what’s happening, and I came across this gem.

Granted, the guy (who I’ve never heard of) makes all of the standard issue points on why you shouldn’t duo, and he makes them quite decently. The reason I dislike his video is that he is also introducing a strong level of blame towards the duo’ing pair as part of his presentation. Guys like him are the reason that when someone asks me if I’m duo’ing I rarely admit it.

After listening to this guy, without any other real knowledge on the subject, I think you can understand why people go out of their way to harass those of us who like to play the game with a friend. He presents a pretty compelling argument on how us duo queue’ers are essentially sentencing our teammates to a loss, dooming them to be outplayed by a superior opponent in every lane. And if you think people aren’t buying what this guy is saying…I found this on the front page of reddit. Clearly people are reading it and upvoting it.

There are definitely some flaws to his argument. If duoing is so inherently unfair then why does Riot still allow it to happen? Because statistics don’t always tell the story. When playing a position I am comfortable in I can beat players who are tiers above me. Consistently? No, but it’s not a forgone conclusion that I’m going to lose. Secondly, you really can’t deny that a good duo can make a difference. Those 5-0 bot lanes he scoffs at actually happen fairly frequently. Get a mid laner and a jungle who are talking on skype together and you can easily get a fed AP carry who can do the 2 v 5 he also believes is impossible.

Basically, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t take his arguments as absolute. I also don’t think you should be one of those arrogant duo queue’ers who believes everything that goes wrong in your game is your idiot teammate’s faults. Duo queues are, as far as we know, frequently placed against superior teams if another duo can’t be found for them to play against. Just keep that in mind before you flip out on your teammates.

The last problem I have with this whole scenario is the same one that I had with call versus pick order in champ select. Remember back when people had no idea whether or not you should get a position based on whether or not you were first to pick or if you shouted out first that you wanted it? Fights would break out in champ select because there was no real rule and everyone thought they were right. It was chaos until Riot came out and declared that pick order should be the rule.

Part of the reason duo queues get so much hate is because of all of this talk floating around about the fact that they “always pick last” and force their teammates to fight superior opponents, but no one can really confirm just how true this is. Sure bits and pieces of this information have come out in forums or on reddit, but Riot has never officially released a document stating exactly what happens when you duo queue. I understand that Riot wants to keep some of the mechanics somewhat secret, but doing this allows for the spread of the kind of misinformation and hate we currently see revolving around duo queuing.

I’m not saying that Riot clarifying pick order over call outs solved all the champ select problems, but it did help clarify the debate. People who were in the wrong did so knowing they were in the wrong and knowing that everyone else knew they were in the wrong. If Riot were to come out and release something officially outlining what duo queuing does it could create the same effect. Duo queues would enter the game knowing exactly how badly they were hurting or helping their team, and their teammates would know the same.

This kind of knowledge wouldn’t be a perfect solution. There would probably still be rage directed at duo queues and there would still be arrogant duo queues who are just as bad. My hope is that it would at least remove some of the blind hate directed on duo queues and some of the same blind hate duo queues direct at their teammates. If there is going to be rage at least let it be rage backed up by an admission from Riot that duo queuing is tough and unfair to your teammates.

Riot, stop letting gentlemen like the one in the video above be the “experts” on this issue. You may think his ranting is harmless, but with a lack of official information out there, I think you’ll find that his raving is quickly taken as gospel. And the kind of gospel he’s preaching is harmful to doing anything other than playing by yourself.


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