Top 5 Supports you Should Play or Try

Hi everyone,

Merry Listmas. With all of the preseason changes finally sinking in, I thought it would be good to take suggest a few support champions that you should be playing in League of Legends. The first five are supports who are currently very popular and should get you some wins. The last five are ones that I believe could become popular very soon.

Top Five Supports you Should Play

1) Annie: We know the AoE stun is devestating, but what makes her the complete package is the long auto attack poke range. This allows her to easily poke at even other ranged supports. Look to use your flash aggressively, especially if you have your Ult and perhaps ignite up. You will kill pretty much any other bot lane champion you use your full combo on.

2) Thresh: The complete package. Every ability he has is useful. His hook is the ability that everyone knows and fears, but it is his lantern that makes him uniquely useful. Even when losing to his opponents Thresh is able to bail out teammates with a single press of his W. He is my personal favorite support, and still one of the best out there – other than queen Annie.

3) Leona: The most hard charging support out there. While most other tanky supports were nerfed, Leona was able to keep her strong defensive stats. I’ve been saying for months that her time was coming and with the Season 4 changes it has finally come. The final strengthening of her W was what pushed her over the top. Can be a little one dimensional, because it will feel like all you do is look to fight, but she is just so good at that one dimension.

4) Taric: Probably one of the easiest supports to play. A single target stun that isn’t a skill shot will always be super valuable. The nerfs did hurt him, but he remains a decent bully in lane and beyond. Also has a strong heal that allows his lane to play from behind. Try and space your spells out between auto attacks to make maximum use of his passive.

5) Sona: The Season 4 changes hurt her a bit, but she continues to have some of the best support poke in the game. And if poking doesn’t work she can heal herself and her ADC back up to full health quite easily with the improved mana regen. Her only problem is that the other supports on this list tend to be able to blow her up fairly easily.

Now that we’ve gone over the supports you should be playing let’s take a look at some I think you should be trying out. Who knows, they might be the next big things.

1) Zyra: Hey, remember that half a season where all people played was support Zyra? Well, not a lot has changed. True, her Q range has been shortened and her base damages reduced, but her actual AP ratios have been strengthening. Now that most supports are able to build more AP, this more than makes up for the lowered base damages. And let’s face it, one of Zyra’s biggest assets, her amazing ultimate, wasn’t touched. I expect her to be played a lot as soon as people remember how decent she is.

2) Lulu: This delightful little sprite is one of those champs that has been receiving a lot of buffs and not a lot of play time. Her mana costs are back to being in a good place and her poke is quite strong. Also benefits quite nicely from a little AP.

3) Morgana: In a world where Annie is queen and stuns are the greatest, one champion stands against even the hardest of CC. That champion is Morgana. Yes, her damage won’t blow you away, and you really shouldn’t be using her W at all. But being able to block an Annie ult or a Thresh hook can be game changing. As long as stuns are the rage I highly recommend giving Morg a try. Split your skill points between her Q and E and I believe you will find that you can not only keep your ADC alive but also help set up the occasional kill. Just remember to get that black shield down.

4) Kayle: Just like Morgana, Kayle has the ability to allow her ADC to withstand a deadly barrage of enemy spells. Her Q is one of the strongest slows in the game and also happens to have one of the best AP and AD ratios in the game. Did I mention she also has a heal that serves as a speed boost? Her short range is a bit of a detriment, but she excels against melee bruisers like Taric or Thresh.

5) Soraka: I know, it’s kind of funny that I have this traditional support listed below a couple of semi crazy ones, but that is how League of Legends works sometimes. Soraka has amazing sustain. Assists give you even more money is Season 4 and Soraka can pick up a lot of them with a press of a single R key. In lane, try and pair her with someone like Sivir who can use their abilities to win the lane with their own abilities/damage. In teamfights make sure you have enough CC coming from other sources. If you have CC, Soraka will make sure that you have enough health and mana to never go down.

Let me know what supports you are currently rocking in Season Four. Have you made like the Koreans and picked up Zilean? Maybe you have another crazy support you think we should all be playing. Let me know!

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Supports you Should Play or Try

  1. I’ve always thought about trying LoL once more in the new year and I would definitely feel more at home in the support role. Awesome list and I might have to try them out

    • Thank you! and I hope the support role is a good fit for you. It can be tough, especially when you are spending a lot of games playing with people you don’t know, but I also think it remains the most rewarding position when things go well. Let me know if you need any tips. I won’t pretend to be an expert, but I have logged a few games haha

    • Thank you! You as well. One of the things i’m definitely looking forward to is the chance to relax and read some of the great blogs that I feel like I haven’t had time to check out in a while. Yours is definitely on the top of that list 😀

    • I can’t give away all our tricks 🙂 . J4, in my mind, will always be best in a kill comp. Use him with a Panth or a Yasao and you will murder people. But it’s a very niche pick. Same with Karma. Karma requires a level of practice and patience that people never seem to get. If you have it, like we do, I think she’s great. The problem is that there are so many other supports that do what she does better. I still think she really shines in threes or in the mid lane. She’s only a tier two support.

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  3. Why dose noone ever mention nami shes crazy a good disengage good cc with her q a nice buff and a nice bounce heal only some little problems i have come across is healing to keep your adc up the bounce on the heal gets the kill but hey atleast your adc didnt die

    • Mostly it’s because Nami is one of the more high skill supports out there. Sure the heal and e are pretty easy to use but consistently landing her stun is beyond most people. And if you can’t land the stun then there is no way you’re going to survive lane against a Thresh or Leona.

    • Right now, I would sub her in instead of Sona. Nami is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but the skill cap involved is probably higher than most other supports out there. If you can get the hang of it then I would play her each and every game.

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