Some League to Watch this Weekend

“Twohp, it’s December and I miss watching the League Championship Series (LCS). Where can I go to get my fix of high quality League of Legends?” Well, Billy, if the gigantic letdown that was the World Cyber Games didn’t do it for you, you can’t find the OGN VODs or the Battle of the Atlantic is too far away, why not turn your attention to the NA LCS Promotion Tournament.

That’s right. After what felt like months of qualifying, sorry, after months of qualifying tournaments the scene is finally set for three challenger teams to emerge to fight three former LCS teams for a chance to enter into the spring split of the LCS. At the bottom of this post will be a link to the schedule of the games. It will also let you know where you can watch them.

Why should you watch? Well, honestly, because most of these teams aren’t half bad, and at least one of them has a great shot at actually making it into the LCS. Of the three LCS teams forced to partake to keep their spot in the LCS, basically no one believes Velocity eSports will  keep their spot. Considering that the team has undergone repeated roster changes and has been losing in every preseason league they are a part of, I would say that these views are justified.

The actual games to decide who goes into the LCS and who falls out won’t take place until the end of the month. This weekend’s round robin play will still be interesting. The top three teams at the end of this weekend will advance, and it looks like the top team will be the one slated to play Velocity – meaning they will have a great chance of making it to the LCS and everyone will be fighting hard for that top spot.

For those of you who follow the scene enough to be interested in this tournament, but who perhaps don’t know anything about the teams participating, let me give you a few brief identifiers for each team. For everyone else, thanks for making it this far into the article. If you want to stop reading right here I won’t hold it against you. Thanks for humouring me as I play reporter 🙂 Now where was I? Right, the teams.

To Be Determined – Westrice’s team. Also contains Arthelon, who is a pretty funny streamer and was the only guy playing Elise for the longest time. Also have Robertxlee who has been around for a while. A lot of these guys have some pro experience, and the rest are pretty talented. Definitely a team to watch.
compLexity – MegaZero’s team. For a long time these guys were considered the team most likely to make it into the LCS. Their future is questionable after their mid laner, Prolly, left and their support/captain seemed uncertain of his role with the team. MegaZero is probably one of the best tops in North America, but it will be interesting to see if the rest of the team can hold it together enough to get the wins they need.

COGnitive Gaming – Not a lot of big names here unless you’ve heard of Zamphira’s mid Lulu. Strong team play got them this far. Not quite sure if they have the individual skill to match up against the players on the teams mentioned above.

Quantic Gaming – The group of Korean players, led by Locodoco, that Quantic brought over to apparently beat us worthless North Americans into the ground. Seriously though, these guys have been working hard to get into the LCS. They struggled in the early qualifiers but looked dominant in the last one. You have to think that they will likely disband if they don’t finish in the top three this weekend.

The Walking Zed – I think you have to cheer for these guys just because they have the best name. You have to laugh because you know that if they do make it to the LCS they will sell that name in two seconds to an organization like Quantic that would gladly buy them up. Bischu is a player a lot of Nidalee fans know. NydusHerMain is another awesome name, and he has some LCS experience. This team has veteran players and could be capable of an upset or two.

vVv – Never actually qualified for this tournament. They finished 3rd in the last qualifier but got the spot when Napkins in Disguise basically broke up. Not a lot of big names here. It would make for a heck of a Cinderella story if they finished in the top three, but I won’t be holding my breath.

There you have a quick run down of how this first weekend of the NA Promotion Tournament will shape up. If you are hankering for some LCS related League of Legends this is as close as you will get till at least the end of the month. So check it out or do what I’ll be doing and play a ton of Left for Dead 2 with friends. I definitely recommend checking out the tournament but only if you don’t have the option to play Left for Dead. Seriously, I can never get enough Left for Dead.


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