My Season Four Fears

When a new season starts I like to take note of things that I fear might happen. These fears are often based on a combination of community knowledge, looking at the proposed changes and gut instinct. As you might imagine, they do not always turn out – thank goodness. Some do, and then I can happily tell everyone I saw it coming. Let’s take a look at my fears for Season 4.

More places to ward, less wards for supports to do it with, more people yelling.
Expectations of bonus support gold transforming supports into high powered carries. Anything less = unhappy teammates.
Players yelling at supports to ward while those same players still have ward trinkets sitting unused in their inventory.
Junglers farming the new jungle all day, refusing to gank or help the team with objectives.
Traditional supports such as Soraka, Taric etc remain underpowered due to the new ratio changes.
Bushes don’t feel as good to hide in.
Twisted Treeline receives no major changes.
Riot is happy with teambuilder, leave the Honor System to die.
No effort is made to reward positive players.
Awkward Thresh nerfs
Having to learn to play more AP mids as supports
Summoners Rift has its visuals updated, frame rates fall (already see this on TT and HA)
Solo queue becoming even more toxic as more people start playing.

These are my Season 4 fears. It looks like some are already getting dealt with while others are still developing. Some of them…some of them I hope really won’t come true. Hopefully Riot keeps making this game better and turns more attention to our needs and not finding new ways to take our money. They are already quite good at that 😛

What are you afraid of going into Season 4? I would love to hear what’s scaring you guys.


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