What’s New with Twohp2few

You know you haven’t been blogging much lately when WordPress makes you enter your password and seems to stare at you accusingly. “Where have you been?” I can hear it say. I honestly don’t care what WordPress thinks, but I do miss interacting with all of you guys. So here’s what’s up.

After roughly  a solid year of searching I finally found employment, and it even happens to be in my “field.” I use that term loosely because, as a guy with a general Arts degree and a Public Relations diploma, I’m basically qualified to do anything involving talking, writing or researching.

But it is nice when I can actually use some of the things I learned in school and work at a place that will give me even just a little bit of that all mighty EXPERIENCE (roughly five months worth in this case).

Just when I thought I was done with bumming around campus, I find myself doing communications for my university. I’m actually doing communications for one of their major extra curricular events that they call International Week. It’s a fun week, and there’s lots of cool things to learn about and to see.

The days have been keeping me nice and busy, but the downside to it being my first week back to living like an employed human being is that I come home and basically collapse into my chair. I barely seem to have enough energy to game, and today is the first day I found myself actually able to string together words.

Hopefully I’ll get the hang of this in not too long, but this new beginning has given me even more respect for those of you who consistently are able to work long hours and then still write amazing blog posts – you guys are heroes!

In a few days I hope to get my sleep schedule sorted out and plan to be back on here blogging, reading and liking up a storm. In the meantime, I just want to thank you guys again for being the best blogging community a guy could ever be part of. You helped me stay strong when I wasn’t sure writing was something I wanted to do. You read my work when no company would, and you keep teaching me so many great things about life and the things that make life special for each of you.

Thank you so much everyone. You kept me writing and working and it payed off. So forgive me for taking a few days off, I hope you can understand. I’ll be back soon, and I will definitely be looking forward to everything and everyone that I have missed this week.

4 thoughts on “What’s New with Twohp2few

  1. Congratulations on finding employment! I was in the same place with my Political Science degee for a few months but now I’m also happily employed. As for finding time to play you just have to be creative with the free time you have or invest in a late night caffeine iv drip.

    • Hey! Political Science minor over here. I’m glad you were able to turn it into something. I definitely just went straight towards communications and didn’t even try to make anything happen. I tip my cap to you.

      Oh and if you know a handy place where I can get an iv drip…haha seriously though I’m just glad to know that time can be made. Even if there’s a cost involved.

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