Madlife Tribute

Hi everyone. Kind of a slow start to my week, but nothing makes me smile quite like watching my favorite support god, Madlife, doing what he does best. Hopefully Madlife will pull your frown around too! Props to the gentleman who made this. Check out his other work and give him a like.

Watching all of those Flash hooks really makes me hope Riot will consider bringing that combo back, someday. For supports, taking the Flash hook away was kind of like taking Nidalee spears away from mid laners. It’s one of the support’s big exciting plays, and I miss it.

I think the thing that I admire most about Madlife is his creativity. As you saw in the video, even when he can’t land his hook he is still thinking ahead to figure out how to make a play. Many new supports simply give up after missing a crucial ability, but Madlife sticks with it until he gets his team a kill. This truly makes him one of the best in the world.

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