The Best Feeling Has to Be…

In pretty much every game you play, ok maybe just the good ones, there will always be some action, some completion, some event that just gives you the best feeling ever.

My example of this, and the reason for the good feelings rolling through me right now, are Nidalee spears in League of Legends. For those of you who do not play LoL, take a quick look at this to see what I’m talking about. (My apologies for the interesting music haha)

I guess you could say that Nid spears are the equivalent of a very long range head shot, and I do not think there is a better feeling in League of Legends than the one you get when you destroy someone with your spears. It had been a while since I got to play my Nid in the mid, and despite not playing very well in lane, I had a solid game. My spears kept us in the game thanks to their ability to stall some key objectives and poke down otherwise untouchable opponents.

For you LoL fans, what is your favorite feeling in League of Legends? I’m curious if the best feelings come from landing skill shots, getting large numbers of kills or if there is something else that gets people fired up.

For the rest of you, what game and what action in that game gives you that great feeling inside? Ten points if you submit a video of you doing whatever it is. I do enjoy watching cool head shots in shooters because I am so bad at getting them myself.


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