Dumb Ways to Die

Well, I watched the first round of World Championship Quarterfinals. There were definitely some awesome games, and I was very sad to seen a certain team exit the tournament. I won’t spoil it…but it was a very cloudy day for this team.

I was going to write about the matches but instead decided that actually playing some League of Legends might be more fun. What isn’t all that much fun is finding dumb ways to die in LoL. Unless that’s what you’re looking for or it’s your opponents doing the dying. Check out this delightful video that chronicles some of the stupid ways you or your delightful teammates can die.

What is the dumbest way you have ever died in League of Legends? Or any other game for that matter. In Arma 2 I once bailed out of a helicopter and had in land on my head moments later. It was pretty silly, and I’m sure there were more embarrassing deaths that I have permanently blocked out of my mind.

4 thoughts on “Dumb Ways to Die

    • Yes, yes I most definitely am. Though you know it’s kind of an interesting subject. I’m a fairly timid person in real life, and I do find that carries over into my gaming. It usually takes a lot of practice and play time before I become more aggressive and come anywhere close to doing a lot of these dumb things haha

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