Kicking Off the Weekend and Korean Regionals Update

There is no better feeling than when you kick off your weekend with a great play in a video game you love. I think the next best feeling is getting to watch someone you actually know as they make an incredible play. Sorry MadLife. I don’t know you, but I do know the lovely lady pulling off this nice Baron steal.

Zyra remains pretty darn strong, and how about that amazing timing?

Speaking of MadLife, he will not be representing Korea at the World Championships as his team, CJ Entus Frost, was bounced from the Korean Regionals by the KT Rolster Bullets, last night. The Bullets have looked simply unstoppable, 3-0’ing both Blaze and Frost.

Despite entering Regionals as the fifth seed, the Bullets did finish second in the OGN summer season. With a ton of momentum built up from that win and their first two rounds, you have to wonder if anyone can stop this Bullet train. If anyone can it will be their next opponents, SK Telecom T1. Terminator, as SK Telecom is affectionately known, beat the Bullets for the summer season championship and are probably the only team with the innovation and talent to match up with the Bullets.

Hopefully it should all make for a great finals, and you can watch it go down live this Saturday morning at 02:30 PDT. Or maybe just sleep in and watch the VODs in place of your Saturday morning cartoons. I think this is what I will be doing – if I do not stay up all night playing Rome 2 😀

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