The Best Feeling Has to Be…

In pretty much every game you play, ok maybe just the good ones, there will always be some action, some completion, some event that just gives you the best feeling ever.

My example of this, and the reason for the good feelings rolling through me right now, are Nidalee spears in League of Legends. For those of you who do not play LoL, take a quick look at this to see what I’m talking about. (My apologies for the interesting music haha)

I guess you could say that Nid spears are the equivalent of a very long range head shot, and I do not think there is a better feeling in League of Legends than the one you get when you destroy someone with your spears. It had been a while since I got to play my Nid in the mid, and despite not playing very well in lane, I had a solid game. My spears kept us in the game thanks to their ability to stall some key objectives and poke down otherwise untouchable opponents.

For you LoL fans, what is your favorite feeling in League of Legends? I’m curious if the best feelings come from landing skill shots, getting large numbers of kills or if there is something else that gets people fired up.

For the rest of you, what game and what action in that game gives you that great feeling inside? Ten points if you submit a video of you doing whatever it is. I do enjoy watching cool head shots in shooters because I am so bad at getting them myself.



Dumb Ways to Die

Well, I watched the first round of World Championship Quarterfinals. There were definitely some awesome games, and I was very sad to seen a certain team exit the tournament. I won’t spoil it…but it was a very cloudy day for this team.

I was going to write about the matches but instead decided that actually playing some League of Legends might be more fun. What isn’t all that much fun is finding dumb ways to die in LoL. Unless that’s what you’re looking for or it’s your opponents doing the dying. Check out this delightful video that chronicles some of the stupid ways you or your delightful teammates can die.

What is the dumbest way you have ever died in League of Legends? Or any other game for that matter. In Arma 2 I once bailed out of a helicopter and had in land on my head moments later. It was pretty silly, and I’m sure there were more embarrassing deaths that I have permanently blocked out of my mind.

Gamer Trash Talk – Limerick Style

Next time you enter into chat acting all tough, consider surprising your enemies  with this:

There once was a very young gamer

who issued the following disclaimer

that whoever they faced

would soon be disgraced

and their moves would get lamer and lamer

Haha ok I know it’s a little rudimentary, especially considering what I have seen some of my wonderful readers publish. So here’s my challenge to you guys: hit me with your best gamer trash talk, poetry style. Heck if we get enough people involved I might even come up with a prize for the best submission, even if it’s just an unofficial Twohp award of excellence.

Just think of how much fun it would be if we get a few delightful poems to throw at our opponents. I will tell you right now that a trash talk poem would probably blow some League of Legend player’s mind – and that’s all I need to make it worth it for me.

Credit needs to go to FordFocusing for this opening Limerick. Not too bad considering she came up with it in about 30 seconds. You can find her tweeting @sisterfords. The sisters have a pretty good sense of humor, and they follow some pretty neat stuff.

League of Legends 2013 World Championship Preview

Hey everyone. The World Championships are upon us. Don’t head into them unprepared. Check out my preview over at PhoenixDown. While you’re there, make sure you give that awesome blog a like!

League of Legends 2013 World Championship Preview.

Kicking Off the Weekend and Korean Regionals Update

There is no better feeling than when you kick off your weekend with a great play in a video game you love. I think the next best feeling is getting to watch someone you actually know as they make an incredible play. Sorry MadLife. I don’t know you, but I do know the lovely lady pulling off this nice Baron steal.

Zyra remains pretty darn strong, and how about that amazing timing?

Speaking of MadLife, he will not be representing Korea at the World Championships as his team, CJ Entus Frost, was bounced from the Korean Regionals by the KT Rolster Bullets, last night. The Bullets have looked simply unstoppable, 3-0’ing both Blaze and Frost.

Despite entering Regionals as the fifth seed, the Bullets did finish second in the OGN summer season. With a ton of momentum built up from that win and their first two rounds, you have to wonder if anyone can stop this Bullet train. If anyone can it will be their next opponents, SK Telecom T1. Terminator, as SK Telecom is affectionately known, beat the Bullets for the summer season championship and are probably the only team with the innovation and talent to match up with the Bullets.

Hopefully it should all make for a great finals, and you can watch it go down live this Saturday morning at 02:30 PDT. Or maybe just sleep in and watch the VODs in place of your Saturday morning cartoons. I think this is what I will be doing – if I do not stay up all night playing Rome 2 đŸ˜€

Korean League of Legends Regionals Kicks Off

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to post more this week but I have been busy with the usual work search plus the release of Rome Total War 2. I feel like I never really bring up the fact I am a huge fan of the Total War series. I should talk about it a bit more,  but that’s not what you’re here for. What you’re here for is to find out a bit about the League of Legends Korean Regionals that are going on this week.

The way the Korean Regionals work is kind of interesting. Just like the LCS has two seasons so does the Korean pro league. Teams accumulate points over the course of the two seasons, and the top two teams advance directly to the World Championships. In this case, NaJin Black Sword and MVP Ozone finished first and second, respectively, and advanced to Worlds automatically. The teams that placed three through six in the circuit points were invited to this week’s Regionals to play for the one remaining Worlds invitation.

You might think I would send you to a nice Riot website to find out about the teams playing and the format, but I have actually found Leaguepedia to do a much better job laying it all out. One of the interesting things about the Korean Regionals is the way it is formatted. Instead of having all the teams play the same number of games to reach the finals, teams fight more or less teams depending on their rankings.

CJ Entus Blaze, who is seeded last, has to defeat every other team (fighting them in order of their rank) to qualify for Worlds. The opposite of this can be seen with SK Telecom, the highest ranked team at Regionals, who has an automatic bye to the finals. If this still doesn’t make sense, check out the Leaguepedia page or think of it as kind of being like Pokemon when you fight the elite four. Blaze, playing the role of you or that bum Ash Ketchum, definitely has its work cut out for it.

The Leaguepedia page will show you the format of the Regionals and give you the schedule, but it won’t really tell you what to look for. What I want to do is give you the names of a few players you should keep an eye on.

Cpt Jack (CJ Entus Blaze): Well regarded ADC. Often struggles in the early game but is renown for his positioning in team fights. Give him a watch if you want to figure out where you should have your squishy damage dealer standing in the late game.

MadLife (CJ Entus Frost): If you have ever seen a highlight reel featuring Blitzcrank or Thresh plays then you have definitely seen some of this support master’s work. He is considered to be one of the best play making supports in the world, but frequently has his favorite champions banned away from him.

inSec (KT Rolster Bullets): You may have seen videos of inSec jungling Lee Sin. He came to fame as one of the best junglers in the world, but has now switched over to the top lane. The reason he is still talked about so much probably has something to do with the fact that he brought his ability to dominate opponents along with him.

Faker (SK Telecom): There is a good chance that Faker is the best mid player in the world. He certainly is considered by most to be the best in Korea, and let’s face it, the Koreans produce some darn good players.

If you are able to stay up late enough, or wake up early enough, I highly recommend heading to Twitch to watch these matches – which will play out each night/early morning this week and end on Saturday. For those of you who are normal, well rounded, fully functioning human beings I recommend that you find yourself the VODs to watch later. I am a huge fan of the OGN English casters, and I think they actually have found a good balance between being informative and entertaining. I believe the fact that Riot has not invited them to help cast worlds only confirms how good they are. Can’t have the LCS casters get upstaged.

I’ve included a video at the end here to show you why you should be watching some of these games. In the meantime, let’s hope that MadLife gets to play Thresh and that I am awake enough to watch it!