A Thresh Play and Some Notes

Probably my favorite thing about Thresh is that he can take the high risk position altering moves of his allies and totally negate the risk. Picture a Kass or a Trist who can hop into the battle and then take a lantern ride out. Now here’s one you might not have thought of…

Don’t try this trick without a bit of practice. Some friends and myself tried to get this to happen in a custom Howling Abyss game and couldn’t make it work. Your timing has to be pretty much perfect, and my clicking skills certainly weren’t up to it.

Shame no one plays Urgot that much any more. You probably see ADC Thresh more often. Speaking of which, if you are building ADC Thresh I highly recommend working a Wit’s End into your build. It gives you badly needed attack speed and allows each of your auto attacks to do a bunch more damage. Even when you build damage on Thresh most of what you are doing is actually magic damage and not physical damage.

As most of you are aware, the last Thresh nerf took away a good chunk of his base health and basically all of his armor. I believe he starts with something like 12 armor, and I will see a lot of Thresh’s running around with 18 armor at level one. This is simply not enough armor to exist in an average lane.

Even if you spend most of your time sitting back and waiting to land a hook, your hooks have to basically be perfect because you will either have to land them from long range or you will have taken a ton of damage as you ran up to cast it. Add in the fact that you now virtually cannot miss picking up a single soul (or you will never get armor) and you can have a very rough laning phase. This has led to a lot of Thresh players maxing their shields first and simply serving as a pure utility bot, trying to survive and get a few souls to make it to late game when Thresh’s hooks and lanterns can be game changing.

If you want to keep on playing Thresh like you did in the old days, getting in close for hooks or to put down some damage on the ADC, then I highly recommend making an armor heavy rune page. Mine has armor reds, quints, and yellows with magic resist blues. You still need some MR and I find that you get enough armor from this page and having three points in that utility. I like this armor heavy page because the passive on Thresh’s E still allows him to do decent damage in trades, and the extra armor not only allows you to walk up close for hooks but will actually let you trade a bit.

The extra armor will get you through to the late game where your souls will start to make you tanky enough to survive most punishment. Maybe a lack of magic or armor pen does hurt his late game damage, but honestly, most solo que games are decided in the laning phase. Anything that makes your laning phase easier definitely helps your chances of winning the game.

Thresh is still my favorite support, but he certainly isn’t what he used to be. I will now definitely chose Blitz over Thresh if I have the choice. Blitz is just much more tanky at the early levels, and trust me, if you get an early grab on a Thresh who only has 16 armor you are basically guaranteed to see him blow his Flash and possibly lose his life.


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