Check out WCG Canada’s League of Legends Online Qualifier

Like watching high level League of Legends? Curious to see what some of the best LoL teams in Canada have to offer? Then you should definitely be checking out World Cyber Games Canada’s online qualifier this Sunday (August 18).

The games, which will play out between 2 pm and 8 pm EDT, will be used to give out two of the top seeds for WCG’s Canadian National Final. The finalists will join the LG Hunters (winner) and UBC eSports (runner up) who advanced during the first qualifiers, held in July. The Canadian National Final will eventually determine which team represents Canada at the WCG Grand Finals in Kunshan China, in late November.

The qualifier is being facilitated by WCG Canada and participants will be playing at a variety of cyber cafes throughout the country. WCG Canada is an organization dedicated to establishing cyber-gaming (e-Sports) in Canada, promoting e-Sports events for all Canadians and recruiting cyber athletes to represent Canada at the international World Cyber Games tournaments.

It is expected that somewhere between 12 and 16 teams might participate in this weekend’s LoL qualifier. The tournament will open with round robin matches that will decide which teams advance to the quarterfinals. All matches will be best of one except for the finals which will be a best of three.

If the final from the first qualifier was any indicator, there is a good chance that three action packed games will be needed to decide the winner of the qualifier. Don’t believe me? You can go here (games start at around 45 min) to check out the semi finals and finals of the first qualifier. Even though both of the top teams receive seeds only the winner will receive free entry at the National Final and a cash prize.

Now let’s say that you’ve been watching the League Championship Series for three straight days and you are not sure if you will be suitably impressed by this qualifier. Rest assured, the professional LoL teams are not the only ones with some talent.

Three of the teams already confirmed to be participating in the qualifier are the University of Waterloo, ForcePlay and Colossal Canadians. University of Waterloo teams frequently compete in the IvyLoL League (along with UBC), a league containing some of the best collegiate LoL players from Canadian and American schools, many of whom eventually turn pro. Colossal Canadians made it through to the semi finals of the first WCG Canada qualifiers and has fought against other top LoL teams in past Intel Extreme Masters qualification tournaments.

This is just a small example of the kind of talent that will be participating this weekend, and who knows, WCG tournaments have served as the coming out party for some amazing LoL talent. You may even get a sneak peak at the next HotshotGG. Best of all, at least for my patriotic pride, is the fact that the talent is all Canadian.

When this weekend rolls around and you are looking for some LoL to watch, the action going down on the WCG Canada twitch account will more than satisfy your needs. And if you happen to live in a certain frosty land north of the 49th parallel, make sure you check out the qualifier and give WCG Canada a follow on Twitter and Facebook to help support the continued growth of e-Sports in Canada.

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