I’ve Had Enough of Shaco

It is time that I got this off my chest. It has been a long time in coming. The reasons may have changed over time, but the hate remains the same. I have had enough of Shacos.

Just to be clear, my hate is not reserved exclusively for the champion – but the champ isn’t great. His lore isn’t overly developed other than to tell us he’s a clownish assassin who probably isn’t from the game world. He’s disliked by everyone and no one gets close to him. Sounds to me like he might be more misunderstood than anything, but he is an evil sounding clown – kind of hard to endear yourself to that.

What used to make him even less likeable were his abilities. Jack in the boxes that would surprise and fear you all while laughing at you. And do not get me started on his darn Deceive. Apparently giving him a mini teleport wasn’t enough, so Riot decided he should be able to teleport and then end up in stealth. I think it is especially easy to hate any champion who can easily escape you, or at least that is what helped to drive my hate.

You couldn’t be too aggressive in lane or Shaco would turn up behind you. You had to be careful in your jungle or Shaco would take your buffs and kill you. Even if you were able to almost kill Shaco he would just blink over a wall, go invisible and then his player would likely taunt you in chat. If all of this didn’t make you want to throw your keyboard across the room then I don’t know what would.

Shaco was annoying, he was frustrating, but at least you kind of had to respect what he was capable of. Sometimes you would even be fortunate enough to get a good Shaco on your team and you could laugh, a bit, at the enemy’s suffering. Even then I always tried to reserve a healthy bit of hatred for the demon jester. This was usually made quite easy by the people playing him.

The nature of Shaco’s kit makes him a fairly selfish champion. Almost all of his abilities are designed to help him, alone, and allow him to go and try and kill someone. Often times you see the same kind of behavior in the people who play Shaco. They want to get kills, they want to keep themselves alive and they don’t seem to care about what happens to their teammates. Not that they can really save their teammates anyways, but many Shaco players seem to think that just because they were able to escape a tough spot their team should have been able to as well. Often they are not afraid to voice this complaint along with a few choice curse words.

I am a firm believer that certain champs attract people of certain personality types. I have rarely met any Sorakas or Sonas who have given me much grief. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they have champs that are designed almost entirely to help others. These champs tend to attract players who like to help others and will do so instead of striving for individual glory. Shaco, a champ designed to reward hard individual play and aggression, tends to attract the kinds of people who could care less about their teammates. Sure a lot of this is stereotyping, but if you are a player who mains Shaco I challenge you to show me that you also play a bunch of passive team first style supports.

Between the people who play him and the champ himself, I thought my hatred of Shaco had settled into a comfortable division between the champion and the players who play him. This was not to last. Somewhere along the line the champion changes caught up to Shaco and he no longer is the powerful jungler he used to be. Before, he could effortlessly clear his jungle and leave to attack elsewhere. Now it seems that he struggles to clear his own jungle with any kind of speed, and often relies on teammates to keep him safe.

You know that this new found reliance on others bugs Shaco players. You can hear it in the way that they demand you protect their jungle and desperately criticize you for losing your lane even though Shaco never one made an appearance there. The best thing is that if you give in and devote time and effort to help Shaco be effective you will be rewarded with a champion who contributes very little to the late game outside of split pushing. But don’t worry. Shaco will split push and then yell at your team for being unable to win the resulting 4 v 5 fight somewhere else on the map. Before, I had a healthy hate for the champion. Now i just hate the players who insist on trying to make him work and take it out on their teams when they have a rough time of it.

Tonight I won a game with a Shaco on my team. I was supporting as Leona and helped my good friend go 18-1-12 on Tristana. Our Shaco spent the entire game moaning about how we were playing the game, struggled to break even in the KDA department and then had the nerve to repeatedly insult the other team after we had won. It’s not every day that you report someone on your team, but this guy was a real treat. Sadly, in my experience his behavior is pretty standard for most Shaco players, which is probably why I’m not a huge fan and its definitely what pushed me to write this rant.

Whether it is his abilities or the people who play him, I feel like I will never truly like Shaco. It saddens me that he is popular enough that if he continues to be underpowered he will eventually get some kind of rework that will bring him back to popularity. I can’t tell which I hate more: a Shaco who is behind and complaining or a Shaco who is ahead and bragging. Either way, I have had enough of Shaco and hope that he languishes in his current state of disfavor for as long as possible.

Are there any players of certain champions or heroes (in any game) that you dislike? Maybe you find healers to be too smug in their healing ways? Let me know and do not be afraid to bring forth all kinds of illogical and emotionally driven arguments. I would much rather we get them out of our systems here than explode mid game!

5 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough of Shaco

  1. Hey now, Shaco is one of my favorite champions for almost all of the reasons you specified (champion specific reasons, not the players behind him!) Let me break down my thoughts, and maybe even sway you a bit:

    “His lore isn’t overly developed other than to tell us he’s a clownish assassin who probably isn’t from the game world.” Probably the worst part about him is that he just doesn’t really fit in. Other than his art style (which is also slowly being changed one champion at a time) he just didn’t seem to belong unless he just popped out of the void somewhere.

    “Jack in the boxes that would surprise and fear you all while laughing at you.” Oh come on, he’s a demon jester. What clown is complete without a few gags? Well, to be honest, I hated the jack in the boxes as well when there were a possibility of 5 of them in total. Double buffs at 2 minutes? No thank you. His jungle was the best and you didn’t see a ranked game without him, or his name in the ban section. However, after the nerfs to this nefarious instrument of torment, they became a form of utility, damage, and escape; exactly what an assassin should have. Now, if he happens to go AP, then yes. They will hurt quite a lot, but they should also be quite easy to counter-play. Don’t go in bushes, vision ward your lane (even helps out with Deceive). Point being they aren’t as bad as they could be. Though, still frustrating, they are tolerable.

    “Apparently giving him a mini teleport wasn’t enough, so Riot decided he should be able to teleport and then end up in stealth.” Again, this is something that can be counter played. The only way he’ll use this aggressively is if you’ve made a mistake and he’s capitalizing. Other than that, he’ll save it as an escape, and just poke you down like most assassins. The auto-crit is only as powerful as it’s rank, and maxing this will lower damage in other respects, so until he gets some raw AD items, this shouldn’t be too bad so long as you aren’t losing badly to him.

    “I think it is especially easy to hate any champion who can easily escape you, or at least that is what helped to drive my hate.” So,almost every champion in the game? :p I’d like you to name at least 5 who don’t have some form of escape, and even if they don’t, flash was invented for a reason. I’m going to assume you especially hate Akali, Lee Sin, Ezreal, Renekton, Garen, Ryze, Kassadin, and maybe 93 others I won’t take the time to name here.

    “You couldn’t be too aggressive in lane or Shaco would turn up behind you.” That’s the problem. If you do not keep yourself on high hp, well. What’s the point of an assassin? Pick offs, squishies, low hp targets, catch my drift? You should most definitely be aggressive towards a Shaco in lane, or he’ll eat you alive. His early game is so very weak now, that he can’t possibly out lane someone. Maybe a few ganks get him ahead, then yes, he will become a problem, but proper warding will keep that from happening!

    “You had to be careful in your jungle or Shaco would take your buffs and kill you.” Well, most junglers meant for counter-jungling do that. Nunu, for example, was able to jump in, Smite-Consume your blue, and basically walk away with no threat to him or his team. Have you seen Trick2g on Udyr or Volibear? Scary stuff.

    “Most all of his abilities are designed to help him, alone, and allow him to go and try and kill someone.” Well, he’s an assassin, what do you expect? Aside from the fact he’s meant to do that, like most assassins, he does have a slow. And, if played correctly, he can easily bait a team into a team fight with his clone, or even himself and a well placed ambush with a box. But, seriously, name any assassin who isn’t meant to help them, and them alone, go for a kill. I can only think of LeBlanc simply because she has the ability to snare someone twice in a row. But is that worth giving up the burst of the double sigil?

    “I have rarely met any Sorakas or Sonas who have given me much grief.” Please tell me your secrets.

    “…his current state of disfavor for as long as possible.” Haven’t played ARAM lately?

    This is just my opinion of course. I just really like the champion simply because all of his abilities are fun. The bad luck you had with his players however, is certainly not to be taken lightly. But then again, I’ve met players of all champions with the same attitudes. He doesn’t deserve to be overlooked simply because the players are to be hated. He’s very fun and unique, but doesn’t fit the current meta, so he’s an outcast for now.

    As to your question, I hate Malphite bot. I absolutely despise him. I also hate Heimerdinger supports, and Zyra supports. Playing an ADC against them is such a chore. Let’s see…AD Maokai until level 7 is also very annoying. And uh, Teemo doesn’t really count, we all hate him.

    • Haha excellent rebuttal! I was wondering if you might see this and have something to say, but I felt like I hadn’t seen you post much lately so I was concerned you might not. I’ve missed reading your stuff!

      Back to the business at hand. As you can tell this was certainly more an emotionally driven rant than anything backed up too much in hard fact. But I am certainly not apologizing for my rage fueled opinions, just for the fact I can offer you very little in the way of intelligent argument.

      I will contend that I cannot think of another champ whose blink also allows him to immediately enter stealth. Lee Sin can clear walls and Akali can jump around but both will be visible after making said jump or have to cast subsequent abilities to disappear. If Lee Sin jumps a wall to get away from me I feel like it is worth it to flash the wall because I will be able to see him and hopefully hunt him down. With Shaco even if I flash the wall there is a great chance he will still allude me unless I happened to have a pink ward or oracles. Part of this statement should be more out of respect then anything. I have never seen anywhere near as many amazing escapes on other champs as I have seen on Shaco.

      As far as selfish game play I think your point that this is common of all assassins is fairly true. Though I would suggest that Shaco’s strong escape kit does tempt players into trying for solo assassinations that other assassins might not. It’s kind of in the same way that Darius players used to pick dumb fights because they assumed they could always dunk at least one opponent. This can be great when it works but really hurts when it doesn’t.

      Finally, you are totally correct about finding bad apples on all champs. I think that I just haven’t had much luck with Shacos lately partially because I have bad expectations and partially because they are probably a bit frustrated that he isn’t quite what he used to be, which doesn’t make them happy campers.

      But here’s my real question for you that I hope you can answer. Why has Shaco fallen off so hard in the jungle? He seems to struggle and I have no clue why. I feel like it might be because of the nerfs to some of his ganking tools and he now seems to have a slower clear time. I think a few more people were warding for a while but now that doesn’t seem as popular any more. Or maybe he just doesn’t get played because mid and top lane is the new lane for assassins and junglers are supposed to be the tanks. Anyways, I would love to hear your opinion on this.

      Also, good call on champions to hate. I hate Zyra support as well because her damage, even without items, always seems just silly. Lux isn’t quite as bad but is also pretty annoying. A decent Xin support can also ruin your day, if he knows what he is doing. And yes, definitely screw Teemo.

      • Well, actually, I know exactly why he has fallen off.At first Iit was just the nerf to his boxes which really shut him down, butnlater became the heavy nerf to his early game, which instead gave him an amazing late game. He’s still a viable pick, but as I said, he unfortunately doesn’t fit the current meta too well.
        As for the Lee Sin point, let’s look at that closer. Sure, he can get over the wall and still be seen, but look at the difference in roles: Shaco is a squishy assassin, Lee Sin is tanky dps. Lee Sin also has multiple escapes, all of his abilities in fact help him escape. It is rather funny you mention Lee, because he is the champ you need to counter Shaco entirely. Land a Lee Q, chase him with vision. Shaco only has a single escape move, which he can use to kill or get away. Very few times will he be able to so both. Like many assassins, he must sacrifice utility for one or the other.

      • What nerf(s) to his early game are you talking about specifically? Also, how have these made his late game better? Oh, and do you still experiement with building him tanky or what is your preferred build these days?

        It is true that Lee does have multiple escapes, but almost all of them require some kind of skilled set up. Q needs to be landed (not always as easy as it seems) and W can require a rapid ward drop combo that many players cannot pull off quickly. Shaco simply requires you to hit one button and you have a good shot at freedom. Not to say a good Lee Sin can’t escape even more easily than Shaco can, it’s just that even your average Shaco is capable of escapes that might give a pro Lee Sin problems.

        Also, while Lee might be able to easily hunt Shaco down, how many champions are there that can not only follow Shaco over a wall but also reveal him in the process? Not too many that I can think of.

      • They nerfed his starting base ad, increasing it by late game and I think they did the same with his Q and Hallucinate. Honestly, I build him as he should be built: Heavy AD, strictly assassin build. Tank build is fun in ARAM, but not so good in the rift. AP is also viable in mid, but he might need a bit of help as he has low early damage and will be heavy on mana usage.

        And sure it takes a skill shot for part of Lee’s mobility, but Shaco needs to set up his escapes as well, or a coordinated enemy team can easily surround him, or carry a vision ward with them, even an elixir.

        Technically Ezreal can, as his abilities give visual cues and proc his passive. Of course there aren’t many stealth detectors, but come on. That would ruin the purpose of stealth!

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