Submarine Strategy

Ah, Monday. It can kind of sneak up on you, especially after a delightful summer weekend. Here’s hoping all of your Monday’s aren’t quite as shocking as what this poor Ashe is in for.

Never underestimate the potency, or hilarity, of a Shen Twitch combo.

5 thoughts on “Submarine Strategy

      • ha – that raccoon that keeps attacking our trashcan is in trouble. I swear it is RJ from Over the Hedge but my husband says no. Anyway, he’s welcome to the trash but he has got to learn to clean up after himself. That is my interesting weekend. did some interactive star trek but that’s about it. oh, and helped my husband put together his Legos Xwing fighter…now that was fun. he got that for his anniversary present.

  1. Ouch…brutal. Loved the slo mo version. Sort of like trying to watch a hockey match on TV. The puck moves so fast you gotta slow it down to have a clue what happened.

    • Oh very well put. Now that I think about it, that is exactly what it’s like. It almost looked like the Sona partially gave it away when she cast her E on Twitch. What do you think? I think it looks like Ashe sees it and kind of starts to run, but it’s too late.

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