AFK But (Hopefully) Not Forgotten

Hey everyone. I’m fortunate enough to get to go camping for the next few days, and when I’m done playing Call of Duty I’ll be heading off to the mountains! (pauses for groans). Miss me yet? Well I can’t have that, so here is what I will do.

I’m a bit worried that I will miss the unveiling of Patch 4.0 while I’m out, but I am not so concerned that I want to do a writeup beforehand. Instead, let me provide you with a link that will take you to the tentative PBE patch notes. There will probably be a few more changes and a few that get left out, but it should give you some idea of what to expect. Some very interesting changes ahead for supports (Runic is gone!) and the items on the Twisted Treeline.

If knowledge isn’t what you want from me, and entertainment is what will make you remember my fondly as I trek through the wilderness, here are a few videos to keep you going until i get back. There is some swearing at the end of the first video, so turn down the volume a bit for it.

If you think some of the new champs are OP, check out what the old Twisted Fate could do.

And all of this would be meaningless without some Thresh

Now it’s time to go see if I can survive nature. Here’s hoping the bears aren’t quite as fast as Volibear. Maybe I can confuse them by shouting “STAHP, BM, STAHP.” I will let you know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “AFK But (Hopefully) Not Forgotten

  1. Saving your videos for tonight as it’s time to gear up for work. Have a fabulous time camping, stay clear of any bears (geez!), and I look forward to your posts on your return.

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