Coles Notes on Patch 3.9

In the heat of summer, with so much to do, I have to admit that yours truly hasn’t had time to do my usual patch preview writeup for Patch 3.9. Instead of leaving you hanging, my goal is to provide you with links to everything involved and some quick info on the biggest changes you will probably notice on the Rift because, let’s face it, it’s summer and you don’t want to spend an hour reading when you could be playing.

Patch Notes

Champ Changes

Corki: Mana costs on his rockets and Valkyrie going down. Will be playable someday. Probably needs another buff or two.

Draven: No longer has insane damage dealing passive. Now gains bonus gold per kill based on a few things he does. Neat idea. Can’t say I’ll miss that bonus damage. Should make him a bit less popular but his axes will still hurt.

Jayce: Acceleration Gate cooldown increased to a steady 16 seconds. Speed of non gated missiles increased. Core kit remains strong. Probably want to max W second instead of E now that it doesn’t change the cooldown. Keep playing this guy. Anything that can knock away Kennen is great.

Leblanc: If you play her be sure to check out all of her changes. A lot of tinkering going on here. Should still be strong in her niche role as a single target killing machine.

Nunu: Consume damage is being decreased along with his health per level. Consume nerf is hardest at lower levels. Will slow him down a bit but he should still be a counter jungling machine.

Shyvana: Brush up on her changes if you play her a bunch. Basically, they are trying to put more emphasis on using Flame Breath as your tool of choice for clearing your jungle and engaging other tanks.

Ziggs: Satchel Charge has a faster travel time, larger knock back distance and can be activated mid flight so it will go off immediately when it lands.

General Champ Notes

Champs that change form’s transformation ability no longer stacks your Tear of the Goddess.


Tear of the Goddess now takes longer to stack.

The duration on Oracles Elixir has been reduced by one minute but you no longer lose it upon dying. This makes buying an Oracles a much safer investment. Expect to see a lot of junglers grabbing them early and more supports buying them in the mid game. If you are in a vision war bot lane it might be worth it to pick this up instead of sinking gold into pink wards that can be cleared by an Oracled up jungler.

Map Changes

The more you die the less you are worth. Now it takes longer to get down to the minimum worth and the minimum worth has been increased to 220 gold from 182. Most people don’t intend to feed but some people use certain champs, like Singed, to farm behind the enemy turrets until they are killed. Then they just keep doing this because they are worth no gold. This change is mostly to make that less worth it. If you’re looking for examples of this proxy farming, Druiddroid is the biggest offender who streams regularly.


Your summoner icon now appears on the load screen and your ping does not. Apparently some people were directing ping related hate at players with particularly nasty ping. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me, after all this is the community that probably hates you for showing up slowly more than they hate you for disconnecting. If it makes people’s game experience even a bit better then it’s probably worth it.


Ok, I think that covers the biggest changes. Hopefully when you log in tomorrow, assuming the servers are actually working haha, and go to play Draven you won’t find yourself wondering why your passive didn’t melt that Vayne, at level one.

All my negativity aside (I blame the heat) this should be an interesting patch. I would have liked to have seen a bit more done with Kennen and some of the other ranged top laners who have become so prevalent but I’d rather they get it right then rush it out now. Let me know if there’s anything in particular about this patch that you are enjoying or are really miffed by.

2 thoughts on “Coles Notes on Patch 3.9

    • Well Riot figures it should make it a bit less stressful by making the wards produce more gold. You’re right though. It takes your mind off the lane and the game when you have to be worries about who bought what ward when. You never want to be the first person to use your pink cause you know that sucker will get cleared

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