A Bit of Canadian LoL Pride

I am sure a lot of you saw the article on the University of British Columbia when you logged into League of Legends over the last day or two. In case you didn’t here it is once more.

I know there really is no point in going overboard with my Canadian pride, especially in League of Legends. If there is one thing that continuously surprises me it is the large amount of Canadians who play this game at pretty much every level. With that being said, it did stir a little something in my heart and I wanted to share the article and the UBC eSports Association’s Facebook page.

I certainly would have loved to have the opportunity to play LoL during my time at the University of Alberta. I may not have been brave enough to make it out to the events, I certainly steered clear of the Starcraft club (but I suck at SC), but even just the chance to go out and meet some other LoL players would have been great.

This is going to sound truly nerdy but I am also glad to see eSports on the rise in Canadian universities. My experience at the U of A taught me that university athletics and the athletes themselves get all kinds of funding and opportunities that the average non athletically gifted student (like myself) could never dream of, and I’m sure some of my American readers see the same thing happening down south.

I’m not saying that these men and women don’t work hard and earn every bit of what they are given. What I am saying is that I wish the same kind of chance would occasionally be given to those of us who can’t run fast or throw a football. Perhaps as eSports grows this might be the platform to give the rest of us some of that glory, some of that glamor formerly reserved only for the collegiate athlete.

So a big congratulations to UBC eSports and all of the other collegiate eSports organizations. Whether you are fielding challenger teams or just giving LoL players the chance to hang out and meet other players, I think the work you are doing is just awesome and deserves much bigger recognition than a casual once a year mention by Riot. I will try and make a better effort to follow your progress and get people watching some of your games in the future.

Also of interest to some of my readers, it appears UBC eSports is sponsored by Memory Express. How do we get some of that sponsorship, guys? He asked jokingly, knowing that the answer probably involves him gaining 500 elo and having more friends.


One thought on “A Bit of Canadian LoL Pride

  1. That’s awesome! That kind of makes me wish I’d gone back to Vancouver for some of my higher level schooling! I can’t imagine anything like that happening over here. There is the odd club, but nothing this organised or even close to this scale. I definitely agree that non-atheletes deserve a chance to shine too. Good on them! 😀

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