How to Make me Mad in LoL

No matter how well I condition myself to deal with all of the negativity and abuse in League of Legends, certain things that my team or the other team says will always be able to push my buttons. Some of them you might agree with; some of them will probably leave you scratching your head. I hope that by throwing some of them down it will help me to better understand why these things make me unhappy, and will hopefully allow me to better ignore them in the future.

“First time playing such and such character?” It very well might be. If Riot didn’t want me to try new champions then why would they release so darn many of them into this game? Despite my love of trying new champions, I will never try them out for the first time in a ranked game or other serious situations. This makes this taunt even more frustrating to me. No, this isn’t my first time playing Olaf. I’m having a bad day, I’m tired, and your jungler has been camping top all day. Does any of that matter to you? Nope. You just assume I’m some kind of idiot and have to point that out to everyone.

“You know you should have built such and such item on that character, right?” I get it. No matter how flexible this game is supposed to feel, there will always be certain builds for certain champs that are considered to be the most beneficial. Think about it for a second. A silly build can make your life much more difficult than it needs to be, but it alone will not lose you the game. How many times have we seen pros win with crazy builds that seem to make no sense on certain champions? They do this because they know the champion inside and out and are confident with them. So many other things go into a League of Legends match other than your item build. Team work, individual skin, map awareness etc. Yes, you may feel like the fact that I went with a BORK over a Brutalizer lost me my lane. It might also be due to the fact that I pushed too hard and didn’t buy wards. Either way, what’s done is done.

Some people welcome advice on their items after the game. I often find it condescending and kind of insulting. You are implying that you know the champion better than I do, and again, you are giving no weight to other things that happened in the game. If you tell me this after the game, phrase it politely and make a good argument for or against a certain item, I will listen to you. But be careful. Like most players in this game, I am competitive, I have an ego, I don’t like to lose and there is a chance I will not respond well regardless of how nice and smart you think you are being.

“What were you thinking, there?” I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t end up thinking. Sometimes I think too much, and sometimes I read the situation wrong all together. This one doesn’t always bug me so much, but it usually makes me feel like I need to justify myself and that is annoying when what I should be focusing on is moving forward and not screwing up the next time. I don’t like it when my teammates say this to me. Again, I know I did wrong. Let me move on and make up for my mistakes. Don’t encourage me to dwell on something I no longer have the power to change.

“Here comes the surrender vote.” Never, ever, tell me that I should surrender to you. I do not care how bleak the situation is; if you try and encourage me to surrender I will gladly do everything in my power to drag out the game. The arrogance of this statement always fires up my blood. These guys are not content to just beat you. They also need to point out how bad they beat you and many people will also go on to state that you are not worth their time. The funny thing is that it’s the people who are saying this who have everything to lose when the game goes on. It is the taunter’s game to throw, and many times they are just hoping to get a surrender so they don’t have to worry about ending the game. Closing out a game is one of the most difficult tasks in LoL, and if you have the nerve to tell me to surrender, I will make sure that you have plenty of time ahead of you to try and throw the game. You can rest assured that I will dig in as hard as I possibly can.

The more I write about the things that people say in LoL that make me mad, the more I realize how silly they are. Quite a few of these statements can be said with no insult intended. Others aren’t really that nasty, in and of themselves, but can be interpreted to be thought of more as insults than friendly advice. I think this will always be the problem for any game that relies on typed communication. Without tone and without facial expressions, everything that is stated can be interpreted pretty much any way a person wants.

This is something I feel that a lot of LoL players forget, or ignore, especially when talking to their own teammates. When you’re trying to give advice to a teammate, it is important that you consider how you phrase your advice. “Why did you build such and such item?” can be an innocent question but can also be read as an accusation. If you want to avoid damaging your already fragile working relationship with your teammates, make sure that you give some thought into how you are saying things to them – or just don’t say anything at all. So many times I have seen teams fall apart over something that was misinterpreted in chat and lose an otherwise winnable game.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys saying this stuff to other people, I hope you take a second to realize how much of a jerk you can end up sounding like. And if you do realize exactly the impact your words are having…well good for you. Someday I will learn to ignore you, but until then, I hope I can focus on my game enough to make you pay in the long run. If you are going to spend your time taunting me, I will spend my time farming and playing smart. The sweetest revenge of all is when you can focus on your game and make your opponent feel your revenge through your champ play – not your words.

Is there anything that other players say that really makes you guys unhappy? I love hearing all the stupid things that people say to each other in this game, so please don’t hesitate to share. My venting above has left me feeling a little bit silly, but I also do feel better for getting it all off my chest and realizing just how overly sensitive I can be. League of Legends can be a nasty and lonely game, but that doesn’t mean that we have to suffer alone. So share what makes you mad, and I promise I will join you in ranting about it.


7 thoughts on “How to Make me Mad in LoL

  1. A lot of ones you mention get me every time as well.

    Generally though, I hate being blamed and harassed for other people’s shortcomings or people who go out of their way to mock and make fun without cause (and often with).

    I especially hate when people let a failure turn their mood entirely around. People are allowed to make mistakes; we don’t need you ranting and raving when someone makes one.

    I had one game where my Varus completely sucked and I could do little to save him as Nami. Anytime he’d take harass, he’d tell me to spam my heal on him. When I refused, he didn’t play more conservatively, he played less, and after trying to place the blame on me, gave up and went with a complete troll build. I mean, losing in lane definitely means losing the entire game, right? Might as well throw it early.

    Worst of all beyond just bad manners and sportsmanship, I hate people who don’t surrender. I had one game where the enemy team had several organized ganks, every lane lost, we were down 15+ kills, had never gotten a single dragon, and had one person disconnect for long enough to no longer have his vote count, and PEOPLE STILL REFUSED. The game took an extra ten minutes for nothing at all to be proved, and even worse, the other team acted like through sheer skill and personal greatness, they had sent us to bended knee in supplication.

    Games like that you just have to quit playing for the day.

    • Arg I totally hear you. Let me know if you have experienced this one, it’s a personal favorite of mine. Guy on your team is raging hard, making everyone’s life miserable. Even takes a bit of it into all chat. You think this guy deserves a perma ban and you ask the other team to report and they refuse and basically say “You should suck less; you deserved it.” I will never understand why there seems to be so little sympathy for the losing team. No one deserves to deal with that kind of stuff, no matter how bad of a game you have.

      I also totally feel your support pain. It’s the classic “If you win the lane the ADC did it. If you lose the lane the support lost it,” syndrome. I used to be one of those people who hesitated to surrender, but I’ve come to learn when I need to suck it up and do it. Apparently the way to climb the ladder is to log a ton of games, and if a surrender speeds your way to your next win, it is worth it.

      • Yeah, I’ve had those before. I actually really dislike report enemy team members just because I never have the full context, and I think it can be even more toxic to ask for it in /all. I wish Riot would come up with some sort of alternate approach.

      • I fully agree. Sometimes I will do it if signs of the conflict spill over into all chat, but otherwise I hesitate to do so. Where I would like to see more reports given out is on teams that win the game. I have a suspicion that a lot of people who deserve to be reported do not get reported because their team wins and their teammates write it off and move on. I know I’ve done that before, and I’m trying to make more of an effort to make sure I don’t use victory as an excuse not to send a report

  2. I think that I get frustrated the most when I’m accused of incompetence or poor playing when it’s a miracle that I’ve done as well as I have. Just a few days ago I was playing ADC Tristana on the bottom lane with a supporting Leona, and the other team was pushing really hard (I think it was a Draven/Thresh combo). So the Leona declares, “If you aren’t going to last hit, THEN I WILL,” then announced to both teams, “ADC LEONA!” Never mind that I thought that not dying was more important than last hitting…

    Anyways, the Leona started taking all of my last hits and then, without warning, just straight up left my lane to go to the other ones. So it was me, an underfed fragile Tristana, alone against one of the most aggressive duos I’ve ever seen. Leona came back only occasionally to steal minion kills from me and then vanished again.

    Despite this, I ended the game with 4 kills, 2 deaths, and 7 supporting kills. And, for some reason, EVERYONE on my team was harassing me for being a noob for not doing any better with an ADC, pointing out how the enemy ADC doubled my minion kills. I flipped out and said, “YOU try doing as well as I did in a constant 2 on 1 because your support went rogue!” Everyone said I was being a little bitch and then left.

    *I* am proud that, not only did I not feed the enemy team (which one would expect in such a nasty situation, but I ended the game with more kills than deaths in a scenario that I think any normal player would have gotten steamrolled in! But that experience was so disheartening (how could they not SEE how well I did given the circumstances? And nobody called out the Leona for ditching her support role!) that I haven’t touched League of Legends since. I’m sure I will again at some point, but damn… I definitely discovered how to make ME mad when it comes to LoL!

    • Wow, just reading that made me want to go punch a wall. I support more than ADC, so usually I’m on the other side where the ADC decides to go all in, repeatedly, against a more powerful bot lane. I would gladly take your calculated play any time. Your Leona makes me super mad. I have always believed that a good support will never abandon their ADC, no matter how they feel about their play, unless that ADC is actually verbally abusing them. Short of that, you suck it up and you support. In your case, it probably would have won you the game if Leona had just stuck around and played the game as she should. I know that’s not much of a consolation now, but damnit I just want to find that Leona and shake her.

      Your score at the end of that embarrassment is awesome, and if I were in charge, you’d get LP just for weathering that storm. Instead, what we see getting promoted is a culture of blame where a team decides it’s more convenient to follow the lead of idiot number one and throw someone polite under the boss so they don’t have to evaluate their own play. The one thing LoL has taught me is if you are the kind of person who doesn’t point fingers, or you don’t point first, you will get blamed for your loss. How sad is that? Where, just because you are patient and willing to forgive, you end up getting flamed for losses that were never really your fault. And then we are the ones who take a week away from the game when it sounds like half your team deserved a Riot mandated vacation. I don’t always believe in Karma, but if anyone deserves a substantial win streak when they come back, it is you!

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