Zac on Release or Gimme More Rune Pages

Having had the chance to look at Zac’s released form, I have to say it looks like he is in a much more consistent state than when I last touched him on the PBE. This just made it all the harder to pass him up in favor of some new Rune pages.

My original thoughts on Zac can be found here, and I believe that a lot of my first impressions on his build and abilities are still valid. Riot appears to have identified some of his health related problems. All of his spell costs have been reduced to 4% of his current health, down from 6% and 8% for some of his abilities. This makes it a lot easier to spam his spells, as Riot appears to have intended, without running yourself out of health.

More importantly, it looks like Zac’s health chunks now land a much more respectable distance from him. Yes, you are still making some tradeoffs to go and pick them up, but it doesn’t feel like as big of a tradeoff as when they could fly halfway across your lane. The reduced health costs on his spell casts also make you less dependent on retrieving the chunks. This actually makes it more of a choice, and not a necessity, to go and get them. This is something that I think is quite nice. I have noticed that he does continue to get somewhat low (though not nearly as bad as before) on health in the middle of team fights just by continually casting abilities, so you will want to continue to keep an eye out for the health chunks when you are going for prolonged engages.

The move speed bonus on his ult has been buffed, so now he can really fly around the map. It should be one of the best engage or disengage abilities out there.

I had enough IP saved up to buy Zac, on launch, but I decided to spend it on the ongoing two for one Rune page sale. If you’re looking for some more Rune pages, now is definitely a good time to make that buy. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for resisting the call of a new and deliciously gooey champ and actually making a practical purchase, for once. The problem is that this has left me only able to watch Zac in action for, probably, at least the next week. This is one choice that I wish Riot hadn’t presented me.

If you do go and buy Zac, let me know how you’re liking him, and definitely let me know how his E is feeling. I found myself with a lot of awkward failure to launch situations on the PBE, and I hope that they resolved those issues before he launched on to the main stage.

3 thoughts on “Zac on Release or Gimme More Rune Pages

    • Thank you for the nomination! I intend to totally do everything that is part of this, but I’ve got some posts floating around in my head that I want to get down first before they float away for good – a common problem for me. Again, thank you so much. It is truly an honor

      • You are most welcome. I have the same thing going on! i’vw been given two more awards I need to get to but posts keep runnin; ;round my brain. I was happy to give it toYou!

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