I love reading people’s ideas on how to make things better to make the games better. This is a cool idea that could give the honor system the kick it needs!

Travis Fort

Right now, the Honor Initiative is not working as intended. Most of the time, players will forget to honor good teammates because the button is not immediately obvious. However, in games where amazing things happen near the end of the game, I usually see honor given out. I think the honor system is a great idea, and it would take two simple changes to make it more effective in the League of Legends experience.

1)      Make Honor something given during the game

People usually think about given honor after awesome plays happen in game. The jungler saves the mid lane from a gank, and gets a double kill himself. Honor, teamwork! But if it happens early in the game, the players will forget by the end. My idea for changing the system is to give each player 5 “Commendation Points” per game. They can choose to spend these points or…

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