Somedays I Just Watch

When I don’t have time for a full game.
When I don’t want to take all the blame.
When I’m tired and about to sleep.
When my job I’d like to keep.
When solo que has me down.
When my teammates play the clown.
When I want to see the game like chess.
When I want to avoid the jungle stress.
When the commentating is good.
When there’s a strat I’ve misunderstood.
When Voyboy is destroying top.
When Onebadbrad can’t be stopped.
When people I know are busy playing.
When a friend is for a promotion praying.
When my fingers can type no more.
When my wrist is getting sore.
Then I can just watch the game unfold,
Then I can make sure the story is told.

Happy Friday everyone! If you ARE looking for some good watching, this weekend, I highly recommend checking out the finals and VODs from the IEM World Championship. Great commentating, great teams and hopefully a few cool new tricks for us all to learn.

2 thoughts on “Somedays I Just Watch

    • Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Each time I do it, I tell myself, “just play, you’re wasting so much time anyways.” But I never change my ways.

      I do believe I have learned something about the game overall, and I would feel a lot worse if there weren’t millions of hockey, baseball, football etc fans who watch their sports religiously without ever playing. Of course, you can argue that LoL is a lot easier for anyone to play… haha

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