Countering Quinn!

Having gotten a decent look at what Quinn is currently capable of, I am quite convinced she is a little bit OP. I am guessing we will see her frequently in the bottom lane, and also as a duelist in the top lane. So instead of spending all of our time talking about how awesome or broken she is, let’s start thinking about how she might be countered.

Here unique E (Vault) makes her a very strong duelist who can, seemingly, always escape you. If you can wait for her to use this ability before you engage on her, you should do so. Of course a smart Quinn will not use this ability until you have dashed to her or she is ready to kill you. The fact that she is ranged gives her all the time in the world to poke you without having to use Vault, except to escape. This will make her strong, but not unbeatable.

To fight Quinn in the top lane, having either a dash, or being a ranged champ, will be important. Champs such as Nidalee and Jayce should be able to either free farm or trade with her fairly easily. They may not be able to stop Quinn from farming, but most of those champs will be just as useful as Quinn later in the game, and should have an easier time killing her then.

Even if your champ has a dash, Quinn should be able to avoid it, but this will come at a decent mana cost. So if you can play an energy champ, or a champ whose dash doesn’t cost much mana, you should be able to continually pressure her until she is out of mana and unable to escape. Just make sure that you are able to sustain yourself until then, and don’t take too much free damage from her.

A couple of champs that I think should excel against top lane Quinn are Akali and Riven. Yes, I believe Quinn can reveal Akali when she is in stealth, but this will not decide the match-up. What will decide the match-up will be Akali’s insane burst damage and her ability to repeatedly dash after Quinn. Riven has a decent shield and multiple dashes that do not cost any mana. This means that she should be able to pressure Quinn until Quinn runs out of mana and Riven can engage and kill her. In the meantime, Riven can use her shield to keep her health up until she moves in for the kill.

In bot lane, I believe Quinn’s short range will be her undoing.  Her ability to disengage will make her strong against support champs like Taric and Leona that rely on close range engagements. What she will struggle against are supports such as Lulu, Thresh and Sona who can poke Quinn down when she steps up to last hit. ADC’s who have good range such as Tristana, Caitlyn and Kog should succeed against her because of their range advantage. Fun fact, even Vayne has a longer range than Quinn, so hopefully this will be Quinn’s downfall.

If all else fails, and you are unable to beat Quinn in lane, do not despair (though your team likely will 😛 because this is LoL after all). She is very much a short ranged duelist and will be just as vulnerable, if not a little bit more so, in team fights as any other ADC. Yes, Quinn has Vault, but even Vault cannot defeat the CC of five opposing champions, especially when Quinn has to step up close to the fight to hit you.

I hope this advice makes Quinn a little bit easier for everyone to deal with. At the very least, I hope I gave you some food for thought while everyone else is still worrying about how to click Quinn fast enough in their Blind Pick game so that they can actually get to play her. If you find any champions or strategies that work well against Quinn please feel free to share them here.

Quinn will likely be broken, in some way, for the next couple of weeks. If we pool our brain power, I’m sure we can think of ways to defeat her!

5 thoughts on “Countering Quinn!

    • Haha don’t worry, sir, you will still really enjoy playing her. What I, conveniently, forgot to mention is that if you give her a couple of kills early it doesn’t matter how many dashes you have because you can’t deal with her damage

  1. i hear alot of vayne has longer range than Quinn she can kill her easly(not that you said that) but do you realy think there is some1 good inuf to kite with a 25 range difference? a good quinn knows that agianst a range champions she can mostly out trade them. unless she just take the harres and back off, she will likely do 1/3 more damage than enemy did. not to mention, when agianst vayne quin has more range with her ability`s and that 25range diff wont realy make a difference, because when vayne is in range to make a auto atk. quinn can do the same.

    best way to counter quinn is with some like he said. akali and jayce. riven is a bad choice because she dus have her shield but she wont be able to stand all the damage to out last her mp. if quinn harres with auto atks and not ability`s. quinn can do much to some1 who massively out range her and can walk away with it. jayce cannon form is wise not to use his triple fsat auo atk to hasses because you will lose more then you gain. his shock blast on the other hand will make quinn play carefull. other who can do good agianst her are some like lux nidale who has strong range. and some1 with a multi full gap closer. like akali and fiora.

    having 1 agianst a quinn is not inuf like example Lee sin. for quinn his Q dus not much. for a quinn who knows how to vault, Lee sin gets punish every time he hits quinn with a Q and dash to her.

    • Very well said. I don’t want to make excuses for my article but I honestly wrote it a long time ago, before Quinn really found her spot (as small as it often is) in the meta. Your points are very valid and if I was going to fight a Quinn top I would definitely listen to your advice. Ranged champions such as Vayne should be able to farm with her but really won’t be able to kill her. Someone Like Akali, Lee Sin, or even Fiora would be the choice to actually get on and kill her. Thank you for your comment!

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