A Guide to Runes by Lizi-Chan

Hey everyone. I know that some of you who read this blog are just getting familiar with the game, and I wanted to provide you with a guide to getting started with your runes.

Before I could write such a guide, I found an excellent one written by Lizi-chan. My translation might be a little rough in places, but I did not want to change anything because I think it is very good. If you find the guide helpful, please go and like the original guide that Lizi posted here, and I highly recommend you check out her other posts. You might have to translate it, like I do, but it is well worth your time.


The runes are bonuses that the summoner can give to the chosen champion before a match, as well as masteries. They can be purchased with IP in the store. Each gives a bonus to a specific category that stack with another of the same category to give even more bonuses. You start with two pages of runes and can buy more for 6.300 590 IP or RP.

There are four types of runes and in each type, three tiers:

Brand: offensive runes;
Seal: defensive runes;
Glyph: magic runes;
Quintessence: runas utility.

Importantly, within the types of runes there are primary and secondary. For example, you can not want a Seal of AD give much bonus as a mark of AD, since the specification of the Seal is primarily defense and not offense. Got it?

Primary brands:

– Penetration of armor
– Damage attack
– Attack speed
– Chance of critical (% Increase to give a critical attack)
– Critical Damage (When a critic is given, it increases damage)
– Penetration hybrid (armor penetration / magic penetration)
– Penetration Magic
– Damage attack escalated (Attack Damage per level)

Stamps primary:

– Armor
– Regeneration of energy
– Gold (Gold / 10 sec)
– Hit Points
– Regeneration of hit points (Regen / 5 sec)
– Mana regeneration
– Percentage of life
– Armor per level
– Regeneration of escalating energy (Energy Regeneration / 5sec per level)
– Hit Points scaled (Life per level)
– Regeneration of hit points scaled (5sec per level)
– Regeneration of mana (Regeneration / 5sec per level)

Glyphs primary:

– Power skill
– Reduction of recharge
– Energy
– Mana
– Magic Resistance
– Power ability scaled (AP per level)
– Reduced recharge scaled (CDR per level)
– Escalation Energy (Energy per level)
– Escalation Mana (mana per level)
– Magic resistance rise (Magic resistance per level)

All quintessences have the greatest possible effect and the following are found in them:

– Experience
– Theft of life
– Speed ​​of movement
– Revive (Reduced dead time)
– Vampirism Magic

Despite quintessences give the maximum possible effect, you can only have three instead of nine as marks, seals and glyphs. This means that a quintessential must equal three or more runes to qualify as primary.

The following quintessences has an effect equal to or greater than the three primary runes: Power skill, armor, gold, life, health regeneration, mana, mana regeneration, percentage of life, mana regeneration climbing.


The tiers of runes are related to their powers and are visible in the left corner of the pop-up when the cursor is left over.

– The tier 1 or “Lesser” runes are dark with little glare and scratches visible (like “DO NOT BUY HER BEAST”) except for quintessences, which are a simple purpura.

– The second tier has no prefix, they are a little brighter and less detonated; quintessences now have faces and gilt funds purpuras. They can be bought from level 10.

– The tier 3 or “great” are runes that glow; quintessences are completely covered with gold. They can be bought from level 20.

How runes that are bought can not be sold to the store, there is the Rune combiner, but never … NEVER use that shit useless. NEVER. Got it?

Another thing I advise is: ONLY BUY RUNAS LEVEL UP TO 20. Before not worth it because they are very poor and are not cheap. Do not buy, seriously. I warned you …

Now let’s look at the most popular examples of runes for each type of champion … all tier 3.

AD (Tristana, Graves, Ashe and Sivir):

AD marks, armor seals, and magic resistance glyphs quintessences of AD or in the case of Ashe for example you can for 1 quint. attack speed and 2 AD.

AP (Ryze, Morgana, Annie and AHRI):

Magic penetration marks, stamps or climbing mana mana regeneration or life climbing, magic resistance glyphs or magic penetration or AP per level Quints and speed of movement or AP per level.

Support (Taric, Soraka, Sona and Lulu):

Brands armor penetration or hybrid resistance Glyphs spell or mana regeneration climbing, seals gold or gold armor and Quints.

AD bruiser (Irelia, Jax, Jayce and Darius):

Marks AD and attack speed (in the case of Irelia, not only AD), seals armor, and magic resistance glyphs AD Quints.

AP bruiser (Rumble, Malphite and Singed):

Brands penetration or magic penetration hybrid, seals or armor life climbing, AP glyphs or magic resistance, AP Quints or movement speed.

AP jungle (Amumu, Cho’Gath, and Evelyn Fiddlesticks):

Brands of armor or magic penetration, armor seals or magic resistance, magic resistance glyphs per level or reduction of recharge and gold Quints, HP, movement speed or AP.

AD jungle (Dr. Mundo, Lee Sin, Nocturne and Olaf):

Brands attack speed and / or armor penetration, armor seals, magic resistance glyphs and Quints climbing or flat AD, armor penetration or attack speed.

Bear in mind that I used only examples of guides with enough votes Solomid.net. If you want to know more, visit here and search: D

And that’s it for now folks, more a guide for beginners: D If you too lazy to read things about playing, here’s a tip: do yourself a favor and do not play. Go invest your time in something that you have interest. Entertainment and information are very friendly ❤

I hope you find this guide as useful and well written as I do. If you have any questions about runes feel free to ask me, and I’m sure Lizi would also be willing to answer them. Again, I would like to thank Lizi for letting me use this guide, and be sure to give her blog a read and send some likes her way!


2 thoughts on “A Guide to Runes by Lizi-Chan

  1. Thank you very much for this awesome translation you have XD i’ll just give you a tip: The translator you used switched marks for brands in some parts 😛

    Damage attack instead of attack damage. Penetration magic is switched too, well just giving you some hints to revise.

    Thanks again, if you want you can delete this post anyway is just to warn you of some translators errors

    • Nope, thanks for pointing that out. I’m going to let people read your comment so they see how much you care, and so they have even fewer excuses not to check out your blog 🙂

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