You’re Not HotshotGG

The recent rise in the popularity of professional League of Legends has been great for the game. Tournaments are watched by thousands, pros are able to make a living streaming their games online. It’s great that so many people are so into this game. What this increased visibility has done, however, is created a new class of LoL rager – The Pro Imitator.

I recently had a game where things were going pretty good. Our jungler was solid, our lanes were winning and we had just dominated in a few teamfights. We had all kinds of confidence moving forward, except for our dear top lane Cho Gath. Dear Cho decided that we hadn’t taken nearly enough towers or pushed lanes nearly enough. To remedy this, he decided that he was going to split push come hell or high water. Didn’t matter if the enemy team was diving mid, doing dragon, or taking Baron. This Cho was going to be on the other side of the map slowly whittling down turrets.

As the teamfight losses started to pile up, our team asked the Cho Gath why he wouldn’t join us in fights. He responded by informing us that we needed to push out more and if we wanted him in the fights we would have to join him. Uh, ok. Well, not wanting to sacrifice our base and dragon, we didn’t do that, and Cho, informing us that split pushing is always the right play, continued to stay away. I know that when someone split pushes it can work well if you simply hold fast and stall the other team. Problem was, the other team had so many hard engagers there was no way we could simply sit back.

Finally Cho decided to start joining us. By then, we had given up Baron, our inner turret and our significant early game lead. Our first fight with him present almost worked except, and I swear he did this to add insult to injury, our Cho decided his time would be best spent chasing the other team’s Taric around. This is a silver elo Cho who apparently watches enough LoL to at least think he knows how to split push, and now he won’t even peal for our fed ADC? I was beside myself.

I have decided to call this new brand of player “The Pro Imitator.” He thinks he’s good, he has a strategy that he has seen pros use to win games, but he has no clue how to actually execute it. If you’re going to split push, pick someone who can destroy turrets a bit faster than Cho. Pick someone with a few more escapes than Cho. And if you are swearing so hard by this strategy maybe, I don’t know, take teleport so you can actually join fights like the pros do.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this kind of behavior. People who think that things should be done exactly as the pros do them. The problem with this is usually one of several things. A) The player themselves is not aware or talented enough to execute the strategy or combo (as was the case with our Cho). B) The player’s team is not aware or talented enough to do what this Pro Imitator thinks they should be doing and C) The pros are able to execute a lot of things that you can’t do in solo que because of their great communication.

This same kind of thing goes for picks and bans as well. Yes, if the pros are banning someone there’s probably a good reason for doing so. With that said, if you and your friends know there’s a certain champion you can’t deal with feel free to take him out. “Well the pros don’t ban him.” We aren’t the pros. If Shacos have been wrecking your team then I say ban him out!

If you should happen to meet one of these individuals in your game, be aware that Pro Imitators often cannot be reasoned with. They see things happen at the pro level and don’t understand why those same things can’t be reproduced at a lower elo of play. So prepare yourself for a lot of begging, a lot of pleading, and hopefully your Pro Imitator will actually listen to reason and just work with the talent he’s got. Ours sure didn’t, and thanks to this HotShotGG wannabe, I am now down 16 LP and a lot of patience.

Let me know if you’ve ever run into someone like this and what they expected your team to do. Did they actually listen to reason and help you out? Or did they ensure your whole team suffered for their crazy expectations?


6 thoughts on “You’re Not HotshotGG

  1. As someone who enjoys split pushing… I agree with you =( If your team needs you, you need to go back and help them unless you can quickly take a free tower or something. There’s been a lot of people imitating the pros and there always will be. I haven’t run into playstyle imitators to the extremeness that this Cho seemed to be… but I’ve seen a lot of people pick champs they’re not actually good with because people have been doing well with them i recent tournaments.

    • Picking champs like that is a huge one that I did not mention and I am glad you did. I do believe there are some champs that we all should learn to play. With that said, there’s nothing quite like being told to go top and being told to play x champion because someone on your team has seen them win lots. If you don’t have a grasp of the champion it’s just going to make the game miserable for you

  2. This blog about sums up soloqueueing. Don’t you just love those people who don’t communicate, don’t even ping. They just instalock a jungle and are never seen again for the duration of early and mid game. Then they magically re-appear late game (If you get that far), other team being up in kills, gold and obvious map domination. The other team’s jungle having been ganking since level 2, constantly putting pressure on your lane, already increasing the difficulty of being against a blitz and graves combo who are always pushed to your bot turret because it is 3 v 2 (Your friendly neighborhood enemy noc jungle ganking every x amount of minutes). Then your wonderful jungle team mate decides to join and by then it’s too late. And it’s not his fault, oh no. It’s everyone else’s fault for “feeding” (although no one has really fed but him, who got caught trying to steal the enemy jungle about 5 times which is half your team’s death).

    Ah the joys of solo queueing


    • Haha I think you said it perfectly. Isn’t it amazing that those people do the exact same thing no matter what position they play? Go jungle, don’t hear from them, and then they blame the team. Go mid, they don’t roam, don’t take tower, blame team. Go top, same thing. I’d say they have trouble in bot, but those types of people never go bot because they don’t like to work with others. I am always shocked at the number of people who don’t seem to realize that this is a team game and everyone needs to work together. Yes that takes compromise and occasionally doing things you don’t like because your team wants to do them. But that’s how it works when you are playing with others!

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