A Bird’s Eye View of Quinn and Valor

Quinn and Valor have flown on to the PBE, and I am making it my goal to give you my quick thoughts on her while hitting you with as many bird related puns as my tired brain can think of. Let’s do it.

Harrier (Passive): Every four to five seconds (by my count) Valor swoops in and marks a target as “vulnerable.” The first attack against a vulnerable target does bonus physical damage. The baseline for this is around 200 damage at level 18 and it does scale slightly off of AD. I was very impressed with this computer controlled bird’s ability to select relevant champions and minions as targets. In a strange way, it made me feel comfortable, like I had someone else looking out for me. Sentimental nonsense aside, the bonus damage is nice and the idea, itself, is quite cool.

Blinding Assault (Q): Relatively long range skill shot that sends Valor in a straight line at your opponents. When it hits a target, Valor damages and blinds all of the enemies around the first target hit for 1.5 seconds. The ability scales off of AD and scales the best out of all of Quinn’s abilities. Leveling it up increases the damage and decreases the cooldown but does not increase the duration of the blind. Good for a nice bit of AoE damage. A 1.5 second blind at level one should be a very interesting thing down in bot lane. Ends up with a six second cooldown (when maxed) with no CDR.

As Valor, this ability reacts the same but is no longer a skill shot. Instead, it effects enemies around Valor.

Heightened Senses (W): Passive: Grants Quinn a decent amount of bonus attack speed for three seconds after she attacks a vulnerable target. Active: Reveals a large area around Quinn for two seconds. I would say it’s probably triple the area revealed by Ashe’s Hawkshot. Not sure if it reveals stealthed champions and traps, but based on what some Rioters have been saying, I would not be surprised if it did. Leveling up this ability increases the attack speed bonus for both Quinn and Valor (but not the bonus duration for Quinn). The cooldown on the active is quite lengthy, as makes sense for an ability of this power. There is no mana cost for using it.

As Valor, leveling up this ability gives Valor a significant increase in attack speed, without having to attack vulnerable targets (when he’s on the field there’s no one to mark targets as vulnerable, I guess)

Vault (E): A pretty cool ability. Think of it as being like a no skill required Vayne tumble with an applied slow. When you select a target with this ability, Quinn dashes to the target, kicks it, applies a 70% slow (that decreases over two seconds as is the new fad on champs), marks the champ as vulnerable and dashes away to almost her max auto attack range. As with her Q, the max slow is applied at level one. Leveling up this ability will decrease the cooldown (down to around six seconds at level 18 without CDR) and increases the damage. The value of this ability will be in its ability to get Quinn out of trouble or deal out a quick amount of burst damage by making the target vulnerable. It’s own natural damage is not that significant.

As Valor the ability functions the same as Quinn except Valor does not dash away once dashing to the target.

Tag Team (R): What’s with Riot and their love of champions that can transform? Or i guess in this case switch places. Unlike previous champs who can switch for infinite amounts of time, Quinn can only switch places with Valor for a maximum of 20 seconds at a time once the ult is cast for the first time. At this point Valor arrives on the field. Valor is a melee champion but does gain an 80% movement speed boost (while in combat) that will slowly decrease down to 20%. At any point during the ult, it can be cast a second time to summon Quinn back to the field. She will arrive as part of Skystrike, a hail of arrows that do a range of damage around where Valor was last standing based on how much health the opponent is missing.

As you might expect, Tag Team combined with Skystrike is excellent for tracking down and finishing off low health opponents. The increased attack speed given to Valor from W is enough to allow Valor to deal out some serious damage, but you will need to move into melee range to do it – making it easier for opposing bruisers to hit you back.

What does Quinn feel like? I would say she currently feels a bit like Vayne. Her hand mounted crossbow is similar, her movement and art is similar, I would say she has roughly the same auto attack range and she also has the ability to tag opponents for bonus damage. Her auto attacks feel very smooth and responsive, proving that Riot is definitely making it easier for us to last hit. If that wasn’t enough for you, her passive virtually ensures that you kill at least one creep every four seconds.

How would you level her? This is kind of tricky. Almost all of her abilities provide their maximum effect at level one. The only ability that really gives you a better effect once you level it up is the increased attack speed generated by her W, and we all know how valuable natural attack speed buffs are. Her Q does the most damage, but leveling up her E allows you to frequently slow and make vulnerable your opponents. In fights, I believe her main source of damage will be to make use of her passive as often as possible, and her E allows you to quickly utilize her passive, possibly for a second time in close succession.

So far, most people in the PBE have been maxing her Q first and W second. I would agree with this for the AoE blind and poke that Q offers. Leveling up Q allows you to make use of that much more often. With that said, I could also see a scenario in which you would max W first (for the attack speed) and E second to continually apply her passive and make use of all that attack speed (which is generated off of her passive). This might be the way to go in a situation where the ability to constantly poke at the opponent is not as important as winning prolonged trades.

What will her role be? Quinn is definitely looking like she will be an ADC. Because of her decent mobility, I would expect to also see her pop up in mid or top lane. She would definitely be a decent counter to Teemo, if her W reveals shrooms.

Having written this through, I realize I have included almost no bird related puns. I blame this due to exhaustion and my desire to get the flock to bed. What I hope I have left you with is some idea of what to expect from Quinn. I would say that my favorite things about her are her passive and W. With both of these abilities, Riot has again broken the mold and introduced something we have not seen before. If you are a fan of things that are new and unique, Quinn will definitely not disappoint you. If nothing else, her jokes and speaking lines should have you soaring on winds of laughter in ways that my bird puns never could, or should.

5 thoughts on “A Bird’s Eye View of Quinn and Valor

  1. She looks so fun to play, and I really like her mechanics with Valor and Tag Team. Can’t wait to get her. I was going to get Draven, but I think I’m going to save up 6k for her (after the 7,800 first week). Thanks for showing her off!

  2. Oh my god she looks so awesome! I’ve been craving a new cool looking/working ad ranged champ. This is everything I could ever want rolled up in an awesome feathercovered bundle.

  3. I’m really excited to get to play her some more. You will not be disappointed with how she feels. Unless they change a bunch of stuff on her before she makes it out of the PBE

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