LCS Day One: What it Means to your Average Summoner

Hi guys. Hope everyone had a good week, and if you didn’t, well at least it’s almost over. Yesterday we saw the first round of LCS games. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of exciting action to report. Here is what I did see.

Phreak calls for tonnes of crazy early game strats, gets very little: Remember how I thought it would be interesting to see if teams brought out crazy new strats or saved them for later? Well Phreak and the other gentleman immediately predicted that there would be crazy strategies and non stop action due to the best of one nature of the games. Naturally, almost all of the teams were afraid to lose that one game and stuck to the usual strategy of heavy counter warding and lane swaps. CLG did conduct a pretty cool Blue Buff invade, but they pulled this off thanks to heavy early ward coverage and a nice Syndra grab. Don’t expect to see this too much in solo que.

Xin Zhao remains king of the jungle: If Xin Zhao wasn’t banned, he was quickly picked up by every team. His amazing ganks, great sustain and fast clear times have left him as the early Season Three king of the jungle. If you are a jungler and haven’t already given him a try you definitely should do so.

Olaf has reached perma ban status: I know Olaf may not be banned in your and my game, but the pros are either first picking or banning him out almost every game. Usually, if the pros are doing something there is a reason for it. In this case, it’s the fact that Olaf has the potential to be an amazing lane bully who really has very few bad match ups. Ranged champs do give him some early game trouble but that can be mitigated with good axe tosses or by simply surviving to late game where his true damage will always be a threat. As with Xin Zhao, definitely worth a pick up if you’re looking for a new top or jungle champ. Just don’t play him too much. He is my favorite champ and I would not like to see him get nerfed 😦

Cho Gath remains the tank of choice: Combine his natural sustain, CC and ability to gain large amounts of health, all while still dealing decent damage, and Cho definitely remains one of the most used tanks in the game. He can easily go top, middle or jungle, so throw him into your team if you’re looking for a tanky body.

Also, ban or play Kha Zix. Lulu and Taric are the most OP/used supports in the game, and i’m still looking for Thresh to show up. I think that’s everything for my preliminary thoughts. The VoDs can all be found here for you to take a look through and add your own insights on (don’t be afraid to point out anything I’ve missed!). Oh and spoiler, CLG did not let me down. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go start the weekend with some Shaco ARAM action. Kind of wish I knew how to play Shaco… oh well 🙂



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