Reminder: LCS Starts Tomorrow

Despite not seeing a lot of stuff on either Riot website, the LCS does kick off tomorrow. Yours truly will definitely be tuning in to see just what the pros are up to.

If you think about it, there is genuinely a sports like dynamic to the new series. This is the opening week. Do you kickoff the season with a bang and bring in all of your super secret strategies? Or do you keep it simple and save some of your more genius plays until later in the season, so you can dominate with them closer to when it matters? The fact that the matches are weekly means that these teams are going to become a lot more familiar with each other, and will probably able to counter any new strategies much quicker.

Crazy strategies or not, tomorrow I will be keeping my eyes peeled for one champ in particular – Thresh. When Thresh came out, we saw all of the pro support players learn him. After that, we saw him here and there in solo que, but so far, that has been all. I noticed the exact same phenomena happen with Elise. She came out, she was played a little bit, but you didn’t really see a lot of her. By the time the next major tournament occurred the pros were confident with their ability to play her, confident with their strats involving her, and we saw elise used almost everywhere.

I think there is a very real chance we will see the same thing happen with Thresh, in this first week of LCS play. The reason I am even more excited about Thresh than I was about Elise (other than being correct about her being a champ on the rise) is that Thresh has the kind of utility that can make possible things that were never even considered before. It is late and I admit my brain isn’t feeling overly creative at the moment, but I’m hoping tomorrow we just might see some teams roll out some unique and entertaining Thresh led strategies.

So if you can’t tune in to the LCS tomorrow, check back here and I will try and give you the lowdown on some of the more interesting stuff that occurred. I probably won’t dwell on the scores and other things too much, anyone can look those up, what I want to focus on is the neat things that we can use, or expect to see used against us, in our own games. And if you do tune in tomorrow, definitely post about the stuff you saw that you think was awesome and would like to see more of.

Oh what the heck, if you have predictions for this week’s NA matches throw ’em down here. I’m banking on CLG to shine (Dyrus said on Twitter he thinks CLG will be unstoppable early on; who am I to argue with Dyrus) and I haven’t watched enough of the other qualifier teams play to call any upsets. So if there is an upset tomorrow, I will definitely be among the shocked. Regardless, we should be in for a few interesting days of LoL!



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