Changes to Que Dodging in Season Three

I’m not sure if you noticed this change in the recent patch notes, but Riot announced they were bringing back a penalty for que dodging and shortening the time penalties associated with dodging. This immediately intrigued me as this was, to me, a fairly significant factor in a lot of the trolling that goes on in champ select. Let me give you the facts and then give you my opinion.

As stated by Riot on the forums:

So here’s how the penalties work now that the League System is active:

  • Dodging in the ranked solo queue will trigger a 6 minute lockout and will deduct 3 League Points (LP).
  • Dodging in ranked solo if you’ve dodged recently will trigger a 30 minute lockout ad will deduct 10 LP.
  • Dodging a ranked team game will trigger a 1 minute lockout and will deduct 10 LP from the team.
  • Dodging in ranked teams if you’ve dodged recently will trigger a 60 minute lockout and will still deduct 10 LP from the team.
  • Dodging during a Promotion or Division series will cancel the series, so you’ll have to get back to 100 LP to start another series (likely just one game away, unless you had already lost a couple series games).

If you want the full post from Riot Yegg it can found here, courtesy of Surrender at 20. It doesn’t say anything about normal games, so I’m assuming they simply stuck with the traditional five minute time penalty.

I think that this move has a pretty good chance of improving the solo-que experience. I have found that some of the biggest trolls/ragers/people you just don’t want to play with can actually be identified in champion selection. Breaching the champ select etiquette, informing their team that they’d better play good or they would be reported, making good old fashioned troll picks, you can run into some pretty blatant stuff that would make you think, “man, I know this person is going to make my life miserable, but I’m stuck with them now.”

The reason you were often “stuck with them” was due to the nature of how time intensive League of Legends can be. Depending on your schedule it can be difficult to play a lot of LoL. Your average game is likely to last at 30 minutes by the time you go through champ select and wait for everyone to load. If you only have a few hours to play, there’s simply no way you were going to take a 30 minute penalty that would effectively shut down most of your gaming.

My hope is that this new dodge system will allow us to more effectively avoid negative situations while still penalizing players enough to prevent dodging from becoming an issue. I understand that a lot of higher elo players dodge in order to get better matchups or avoid certain players. I haven’t addressed what this might do for them because, simply put, I’m not a high tier player. The penalties seem designed to allow for the occasional dodge while actually penalizing frequent dodging more because now there is an added LP penalty. I’m not convinced that the LP penalty will be enough to prevent tactical dodging, but I still believe that the intent of this change is not to go after the high tier players who care enough to sit out 30 minutes to find a better match, it’s to allow ALL players to occasionally avoid a negative situation that can only be avoid by que dodging.

So now, when you are sitting in champ select and one of your teammates randomly accuses you of being a duo que’ing piece of s**t, it should be just a little bit easier to get the heck out of there. Yes, losing some League Points isn’t great, but I would much rather lose three LP than take part in a 20 minute train wreck, that I saw coming – and then lose the points anyways. Let me know what your thoughts are on this change, and what some of the worst things are that you have seen in champ select that you dodged or wish you could have dodged.

6 thoughts on “Changes to Que Dodging in Season Three

  1. The LP lost is really dependent on how much you get per game, if you are only getting a few multiples higher than 3 every game each dodge will seriously add up over the course of 100 LP. Also I think the dodge penalty during the league series is a little harsh, but probably needed.

  2. That is a very fair point. I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit to get a feel for the numbers involved. My hope is that this is something I won’t have to use too often, but hopefully it won’t penalize us too much when we do use it

  3. Does anyone know what happens if I Dodge a solo/duo ranked game when at 0 LP points? Do I drop a tier? Does it effect my ELO?

  4. One of the guys who posts went down a division after losing four straight times at 0 LP. I think a loss is somewhere around 15 to 20 LP. If you just dodge once, I would estimate it would cost you at most one of those four games. It might not even count as that much. If you dodge repeatedly though, I would guess you would drop pretty fast as the LP penalty starts getting to be as much as an actual loss.

    If you actually just climbed up a tier, so from silver to gold for example, you can apparently never lose that new tier. So if that is the case, you don’t have to worry at all!

  5. The only time I get lockouts are because I MYSELF didnt get enough time to pick a champ DO TO a lack of communication from my team. The idea of being punished as a dodger and kicked out for 30 minutes because 30 seconds wasnt long enough to pick a champion.

    Now sure you can say. Pick a champ faster. I think clicking a button is pretty quick. but sometimes it takes more then 25-30 seconds for people to respond and communicate via chat. To tell me I have to autolock a champ for a auto loose or be considered a dodger just because I want to pick my champ?

    Whats that? The two champs you were planning on using got banned or picked and you need a sec to figure out what your gonna pick instead? nah your a dodger. After all its your fault your team didnt respond fast enough!

    Such a broken system.

    • It’s true. And if you make the “wrong” choice then you’re in for a game of misery as someone on your own freaking team harasses you about it. I’m excited to try the new team builder but really think they need to come up with something in the mean time to try and make the whole experience a little less frustrating. Great points

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