Shut Up and Play your Champ – A Saturday Rant

I promised rants. I have yet to deliver. Let me deliver.

I live in a city that has a distracted driving bylaw. You are not allowed to do anything that might distract you while driving such as texting, talking on the phone, etc. There seems to be this basic idea that communicating with others can distract you from what you should be focusing on and distract them from what they should be focusing on.

This is why it always amazes me when people spend an entire LoL match spamming chat with all kinds of useless clutter (it was a struggle to not use other, less polite, words here). Of all of the obnoxious raging, complaining, trash talking and dirty talking that goes on in this game, my favorite communication is when someone else takes the time to tell YOU how to play YOUR champion.

I get that there are people out there who know more about this game than me. I like to learn and get better, and I don’t mind feedback in the least. But when you are typing line after line into the game chat telling me how I should be building my character, positioning my character, leveling my character etc, I have a fundamental problem with that.

Firstly, how can you be playing at maximum efficiency when you are devoting all of this time and thought to how I’m playing? If you were good enough to be able to do this kind of multi-tasking I highly doubt you’d still be at my elo. If you point this out, they make the argument that you’re bringing the team down and there’s nothing they can do unless they tell you all this stuff. Frankly, anyone who actually takes that much time to try and tell you how to play either can’t or believes they can’t carry by themselves. Pro players give out advice on screen but you never see them doing it in game. Why? Because they believe they are good enough to carry their team through anything and don’t feel the need to waste their time trying to tell you how to carry. So stop distracting yourself with me, or anyone else that isn’t you, and focus on doing the best with YOUR champ.

Secondly, think for a second about how your “advice” is “helping” me or someone else. Warranted or not, we are trying to focus on playing our champs to the best of our ability. If you keep pestering us about how we’re playing it ends up distracting us. Whether your advice is good or not, whether we take it or not, doesn’t matter. Either way, it is a distraction that will likely effect our play either because we’re trying to read the advice or we’re getting mad that you’re telling us things we disagree with.

Those reasons above are the biggest reason why I don’t try and offer much advice in game. I don’t care if the person needs it, or even if they are actually cool with it. Even if they don’t rage at me for giving it to them, which happens a lot, I am still distracting them and distracting myself. It takes time to change how you play this game, and no matter how good my advice is, they will be unlikely to change and do better mid match. Again, I do think there’s room for tactical advice such as “go here, gank here” etc. I do think there is room for things like “zone them out, or position yourself in such and such a way.” But even if you are giving that kind of advice, don’t dwell on it. Make it short and sweet, and get back to YOUR gameplay.

In conclusion, if you have advice to give save it until after the game. I know it can be tempting, I know it can seem like the right idea, but don’t spend all of your freaking time telling other people how to play their champions. Teammates can sometimes be the difference between winning or losing, but there is a reason that good players get to high elo. They focus on and perfect their own play to the point that most teammates become more and more irrelevant. So focus on yourself, don’t tell others how to play their champs, and if someone tries to tell you how to play your champ, and they keep at it, you have my permission to mute them!



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