An excellent explanation of the LCS. I couldn’t have said it any better myself – so I didn’t! 😉 And make sure you check out Matthew’s other stuff and throw some likes his way. I’m planning my own LoL fantasy team as we speak, but my first plan is to play some games in “Kassadin’s Pyromancers.” I’m fairly happy with how awesome that name is. What’s the name of your division?


*Disclaimer* All information in this post is purely written with a “From what I understand of it” standpoint.  It’s possible that I misread something or misunderstood something, but I’m fairly confident with the information is accurate and I’ve done my best to verify the information.  Now on with the post!  (Also yay for learning about the More tag!)

So, the LCS (League of Legends Champions Series) is right around the corner.  This is basically a league where NA teams play solely other NA teams, and EU teams will play solely other EU teams, perhaps similar to what the Asians have with OGN (Korea) and Garena StarsWars League (I thought this was Taiwan, but there are a few Korean teams thrown in also).  I’ve never watched or really kept up with those leagues, preferring to watch the big tournaments such as IPLs, IEMs, and MLGs.  Still, I’m excited.  With a league…

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  1. I’m in Fizz’s Agents, Silver D2… well now D3. It was kind of cool at first… until I saw Cho’ Gath’s Urfriders and Teemo’s Weaponmasters… Then I was just sad. I’ve already played a few but its one of those nothing goes right days and I’ve already dropped down a division (>.<). 0-4 in Season 3, so I'm guessing 4 games below 0 League points is about where you drop… Hopefully things will pick up, because I didn't play my best in the first 2 games, but I feel I did really well in the last 2 and still couldn't win =/ Best of luck to you in your games!

    • Hmm I’m kind of unhappy with Riot when I hear that. I would have thought they might give us a day or two grace period before that kind of thing happens :(.

      But don’t be modest, well all know you were on assignment to figure out how many games it would take for you to drop, and that was some darn fine reporting! If it takes you a few games to start winning again that’s totally understandable. It can be hard coming off an assignment like that. (In all seriousness you’ll turn it around soon. I’ve read your blog, you understand what you need to do 🙂 )

      I’m currently in silver division III, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my story will be to confirm that you can’t drop out of a tier. I hope it won’t be, but if anyone asks, I’m on assignment!

      • LOL! Welp, my cover was blown =p. Haha we’re both silver d3, maybe sometime we should duo when we’re free and see if we can’t help each other. Until you realize how truly bad I am ^.^

    • I’m dumb its just recruit as in you are a recruit… I thought you could because there was a different emblem and it said that they have recently joined this league on another ladder >.<

      • Oh ok. Yeah I could see how that would be kind of confusing. I was kind of wondering, because I could see that really messing up the leagues if you could bring people in and out of them. I have yet to actually play a ranked game in the new system and I’m kind of curious if I could actually go down a division due to new people coming up from below me

      • In that respect, I don’t think so. Some divisions I see have over 50 people, and some have very little. There was one that only had 17 people in the division. I think only the challenger tier will drop people like that so don’t worry ^^

      • Ah ok. Well that is definitely a weight off my mind. Though that does kind of hammer home the fact that these “leagues” are really just a cosmetic thing designed to make us feel like big shots, when really we’re still just one rung on a ladder somewhere until we hit challenger. Which, by the way, I plan to hit sometime late in 2015 lol

      • Whoa you’re going for challenger? Props to you! I’m taking it one step at a time at the moment, so gold next. My highest plan so far has been platinum but I must admit, when I get there I’d be happy to go higher =D Best of luck to you! Get there by 2014!

      • It’s okay. I don’t think you have to worry about that. Some divisions have more than 50, some less. I think there was one with only 17 players in it, while mine currently has 51. Division 1 had 100 or so. Only challenger tier drops people I people.

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