Every Good Band Needs a Support Fiddle

Fiddlesticks Surprise Final3

Inspired by his increasingly popular presence, Twohp odd ball supports inc. probably presents: Support Fiddlesticks, and how he can be used.

Strengths: Amazing CC consisting of the best fear in the game and a fairly decent multiple target silence. Ult still does decent damage in the bot lane at level six.

Weaknesses: Squishy. Fairly short range on Fear and initial cast of Drain. Drain is not nearly as fearsome on the support version of Fiddlesticks.

Masteries/Runes: Whatever your standard support Masteries are should do the trick. I tend to use my Runes to make him tankier and not worry about any bonus AP. You do not want to have the enemy Taric or Leona be able to stun and then burst you before you can react.

Build: Standard support start (wards, charm, and health pots is what I go with). Recommend starting with a Philosopher’s Stone before building a Kage’s Lucky Pick. Anything that the Pick builds into will work fine later on. Proceed to build standard support items; though would recommend using items with CDR such as Shurelya’s and the Locket of the Iron Solari. A little extra AP isn’t bad either

The Laning Phase: Like any good support, your primary role is to protect your ADC and put down damage on the other team’s ADC. Your fear, which will always be devastating, can be used either offensively to nullify the enemy ADC, while your ADC deals some damage, or you can use it defensively on a support who is attempting to CC your ADC.

The biggest decision I find myself making at this point of the game is what to max second (if you don’t max the fear first you will be in trouble, trust me). I prefer to max his E, Dark Wind, second. It offers good poke, and a well timed silence can absolutely save your life against a ganking jungler or enemy support who is about to use his whole combo to kill you. There are two things to keep in mind if you go this route. Dark Wind can push the lane quite quickly, denying your ADC farm and putting yourselves in a vulnerable position. My recommendation is to either use Dark Wind only when you absolutely need the silence, or get vision of the enemy bush and use it to harass their support when they are isolated in said bush. Because Dark Wind jumps back and forth between targets, if there is a situation where the enemy ADC and support are standing side by side (this is even better if they are away from their creeps) it is usually worth taking the shot for the decent amount of damage you will do.

If you are feeling aggressive, you can max Drain second. If you follow this route, your mission will be to fear the enemy ADC and then Drain either the ADC or support to draw their attention and CC while your ADC attacks. The problem I find with this is that you need to get fairly close to cast Drain, and without a lot of AP, you don’t heal yourself enough to negate the damage you will take. I would much rather take a single point in drain and use it only to try and force the enemy support to waste some CC to stop me from using it – after I have cast all of my other abilities.

In order to use Fiddle’s ult in lane it is important that you maintain vision control in the side bushes. If the enemy can see you coming your ult will be next to useless. If you can’t maintain bush control, try coming at the enemy from a creative angle or wait until they are pushed up to your tower where it is harder for them to have vision of what is happening behind the tower. If your lane is doing particularly well, definitely consider heading to other lanes where there are fewer wards and the surprise will be even more devastating. Remember, you are not jungle Fid or Fiddle in the middle. You cannot use your ult with the idea that it can 100 to 0 the enemy. Wait until they have taken some damage or have their own ults on cooldown before you dive into them.

The Rest of the Game: Just because you can do decent AP damage does not mean you should skip out on your support duties. No matter what wacky character you are supporting on, always remember to ward and focus on building team oriented items. As Fiddle, your whole late game should be devoted to fearing and silencing anyone who comes near your ADC. I don’t care how much damage you think your ult can do, with a three second fear and a respectable silence there is no reason anyone should be able to deal sustained damage to your ADC.

While some supports need to be in front of the ADC to provide cover, I would recommend hanging back a bit as Fiddle. You can’t help your ADC if you get burst down as part of the other teams AoE, and hanging back also gives you the option of ulting into the fight if you see an opening. But remember, your ult will not be a game changer. What will change the course of the match is your ability to peal for your ADC.

Of all of the non-mainstream supports out there, Fiddlesticks is probably the one that is closest to being a mainstream pick. His fear is one of the best peals in the game and a multiple target silence should never be underestimated. The only thing holding Fiddlesticks back is his squishiness combined with the short range on many of his abilities. These weaknesses simply mean that to succeed as Fiddlesticks you need to know your way around the bot lane and have good positioning. Position poorly and you will be burst down frequently. Position well and you will find that you can deal a decent amount of early game damage and provide some of the best late game peal available.

I hope you enjoyed this first post of what should be a few regarding unorthodox supports. There are a few times I have mentioned “standard builds” or “standard masteries” etc. If you would like more specifics or any kind of explanation regarding playing support do not hesitate to ask me. Now grab some friends, grab support Fiddlesticks, and prepare yourself to have a fearful good time! And let me know how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Every Good Band Needs a Support Fiddle

  1. =D Glad to see that other people enjoy unconventional champs as well. There’s too many people raging at “troll” picks when I want to actually try something out. Fiddle is a great support as you said, mostly because of fear and because his dark wind ability can poke champs that you can’t see in the bush. Its op. Oddly enough I max E first for more damage pokes and max drain last only to heal off of cannon minions if I’m low. Also pink wards are your friend for the bush!
    If you can help me figure out what makes support LeBlanc so popular in Asia, that would be awesome! I haven’t really tried it yet but it just seems kind of weak aside from silence + double snare compared to other unorthodox supports. I enjoyed the read and look forward to more of these!

    • I was really hoping someone would suggest something like this to look into. Consider it done! I also want to give support Elise a bit more of a try. That ranged stun combined with decent mana free damage in Spider form seems like it would be good in certain situations. I saw a few Korean teams using her, but we’ll have to see if the nerfs to her mana costs really shut her down or not

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