Thresh is Here

Today marks the release of Thresh. Two quick things you should know: First, If he throws his lantern your way you can click on it to get pulled to him instantly. Second, he can use said lantern to harvest souls.

I would have thought more people would have known this first fact, but twitter is abuzz with players complaining about the number of people who don’t know they can use his lantern as a dash to him. Using his lantern to harvest souls is also vital, as there will be times in a support lane where you will be unable to collect the souls without getting heavily damaged. No souls + no per level armor scaling = easy prey for an ADC.

From what I have seen so far, Thresh seems to be naturally tanky and can put down a respectable amount of damage. As I predicted before, the most interesting aspect of his gameplay seems to be the utility offered by his Q (pull/dash) and his lantern. The guy has only been out for one day and I have already seen his lantern used to save an otherwise dead ADC and pull off an amazing tower dive where two divers suddenly became three.

Thresh is not an overly hard champion to play, but I do think it will take some time before we see him in pro play. I fully expect that some teams are already working out interesting ways to maximize his lantern, and he will become a common ban simply because he offers something the likes of which LoL has not seen before – the ability to teleport allies.

I hope those of you who do pick him up will share your thoughts on him. The minute a new champ comes out, the race is on to find that unique way to use or build that champion that makes the champ truly worthy of the title of “OP.” Usually I am fairly late to enter the race, and this time, I would like to be one of the winners!


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