What I do when I’m bored In LoL – Crazy Supports

One of the things I would like to write a little bit more about is what I do when I’m bored in LoL. When I play LoL, I love to play new champions, and I love to play support. When I get bored, these two things tend to come together quite quickly – much to the dismay of my friends. I am going to start by outlining some of the unconventional supports I like to play, put down a few that I would like to use/take credit for if the Koreans don’t beat me to them and then work over the coming weeks to give some insight on how to play them.

So what do you need for a character to work out as a support? Well, usually you need some kind of combination of sustain, poke or cc. It is also great if the character can do all of these things with few to no major items (though the recent changes have made this less of a concern). There is no hard and fast rule here. Pretty much anything can work depending on how well you know how to use the character and if the other team will let you get away with it. I once saw a support Garen that worked because he simply kept chasing down my team’s Soraka and killing her. His kit makes him ideal for it, and if you don’t find a way to slow him down or poke him down he will work well. The most important bit will always remain knowing your character, but some teams just won’t be able to figure out how to deal with the wackiness you are sending at them.

Some of my favorite “unconventional supports” can actually be seen being played by the pros from time to time. I’ve taken a shine to support Fiddlesticks, support Nidalee and support Kayle, all of whom you will see in games, occasionally. I love Nid’s ability to poke and be a beast at level 6. Kayle can bash down other tanky supports and keep her carry alive in the toughest situations, and Fid’s fear is a game changer.

Some of my more “out there” supports have included Anivia, Jayce, and Olaf. Why did I use them? Because each one had something I thought would be valuable to the bot lane battle. Anivia’s stun is very handy and against certain ADC’s, who don’t have a lot of escapes, her wall can turn a simple poke into a blown flash. Jayce I used pre nerfs when his E would not only work like an Alistar headbutt but actually had the damage to pop an ADC. Olaf’s reckless swing allows him to dish out a tonne of damage with no items.

All of these champions have weaknesses that prevent them from being mainstream supports, but all of them also have the ability to turn in a dominant performance – or at least keep me amused as all heck!

There, you have a taste of just what goes on in my crazy support mind. Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to get down some more specific thoughts on some of the above champions and some even crazier picks, if they don’t become too mainstream before I get to them (If support Galio becomes a thing again, I want credit!).

Some of you might wonder why I would be doing something like this instead of working on legitimate champs with whom I can really leave a mark in the game. My answer to that is that the two are not mutually exclusive. I will be playing my mains and I will be trying to get better at LoL. What I think a lot of us tend to forget is that LoL remains a game, and what is the point of playing a game if you can’t take a break from the normal meta have a little fun with it. So after rattling off a few wins on Taric or Leona, there is a darn good chance you will see me testing out support Teemo and Zed. Why? To change it up, to have some fun and to see if I can find the next big support.

And if you’re bored in LoL, you should either take the time to let me know what the weirdest champion you’ve ever played support is, or you should watch this video from IEM Katowice showing some of the most amazing AP Nidalee play I have ever seen (would recommend start watching around the 10 minute mark.)

One thought on “What I do when I’m bored In LoL – Crazy Supports

  1. I’m the same as you lol. When I’m with my friends I like to random a support. TF support is fun, and so is Ashe and Annie. Jarvan as support is pretty fun too though its my friend who plays him. Hardest person I’ve tried supporting with is Talon… I’m not sure its possible to make that work well…

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