Wait, this is an ARAM?

I don’t know if any of you have had this happen to you lately, but tonight I got my first taste of the 5 man all mid push, on summoners rift.

Basically, the other team took as many characters with decent poke as they possibly could and set about trying to push down our middle turret. I admit I was a little nervous. There is nothing quite like normal que to see some wacky strategies. It seems that a lot of these strategies are more hit than miss, as people get taken by surprise and don’t know how to react to them, but I was determined to make sure this one didn’t work.

Fortunately, my friends had seen this strategy in action before and were ready for it. As the support, I was quickly sent to the middle to reinforce our mid laner. Our jungler worked around middle lane, popping in to help us as needed, and our ADC and Top went to their respective lanes. We knew that if we could hold mid for any length of time, victory would be ours.

As I mentioned before, the other team did have a decent amount of poke, but it just so happened that some of the best poke was snatched away by our team. Without even realizing what the other team was up to, I had chosen support Nidalee. Support Nid must be one of the closest things to a hard counter to this strategy. The other team being all mid left me with five, low level, underfed targets to choose from. Using Nid spears is, for me, one of the absolutely best things about LoL. Let’s just say that most of my mid lane spears found targets – with really good results.

By the time the other team took our turret, we had managed to sneak out a kill 2 v 5 thanks to the damage from my spears and a quick dash in from my friend on Diana. As they pushed in to take our second tier turret, our top laner came down and nearly scored a penta kill. The combination of my and Diana’s poke, plus the occasional gank from our decently fed top and bottom laners, nullified the other team’s strategy and secured us a victory.

I was not very impressed by the all mid strategy. I think it is very high risk for potentially limited reward. Sure taking an early middle turret is good, but if your team does not successfully follow up on or takes a long time to do it then you will find yourself in a weakened position due to all of the experience and CS sharing. If you are trying to counter this strategy I recommend sending two of your champs with the best wave clear or poke abilities to hold middle. Send the rest of your team to the solo lanes to free farm, and keep your jungler near middle so they can help if needed. Once your solo lanes begin to get fed, have them come to mid for ganks. If you can hold mid for any length of time, victory will be yours.

The strategy may have backfired, but I had to admire the other team for having the guts to try it out. All great strategies have to start somewhere, and every loss allows you to learn, adapt and make your strategy a little bit better. Have any of you had to work against or try out some crazy strats? Did they work? Let me know, as I am definitely a fan of trying out new things and breaking free from the meta!


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