Twohp makes it on stream, wins and talks to you about LCS live qualifiers!

There is nothing better than coming back from a LoL layoff only to find that, for the second time in your history, someone is streaming your normal game.

Fortunately for us, the other team decided to run a very strange Hecarim Shen bot lane. As far as kill lanes go I have definitely seen better. It was hard to kill them, as Shen is quite tanky, but eventually myself on Taric and my friend on Ezreal (kicking butt despite high ping) prevailed. The best part was the fact that the streamer was the Shen, so his audience got a front row seat to our bot lane dominance! So to ObsessedwLoL and his 15 followers: Twohp OP!

The League of Legends Championship Series live qualifiers went down this past weekend. Hopefully you didn’t spend as much time as I did watching it (considerably more than actually playing LoL, I’m unhappy to admit), but let me give you a run down of what it means for your LoL experience.

With armor and MR remaining more expensive than the damage items that shred them, we’ve seen a continued reliance on health items. Almost all of the top laners and junglers worked quickly to secure either a Warmogs or a Sunfire Cape. Often, they even picked up both. A definite trend is emerging where we see top laners throwing down a giants belt as either their first major purchase or their second major purchase following a mid tier damage item such as the Brutalizer. There were even a few instances of mids throwing down Warmogs for that extra tankiness. My guess is that health will remain the defensive item of choice until we see some kind of armor buff or price reduction.

Speaking of mids, one mid character who was used to great effect outside of the mid lane was Katarina. There are several pros who frequently use her top, and I expect to see a lot more people trying her out there after the positive results she picked up this weekend. The problem with taking Kat top is you really have to be on your game in order to come out ahead in the early game trades. She can do a lot of damage, and if she snowballs she will probably win you the game, but if you make even the smallest mistake you will quickly find yourself back in the fountain. If you’re going to take Kat top, I definitely recommend some practice sessions first. If you’re fighting her top, watch her cooldowns and try to keep the pressure on as much as you can.

If there was one thing that the qualifiers really helped hammer into my brain it’s that success in LoL is almost entirely dependent on knowing if you can survive a fight. This may sound overly simplified, and it is somewhat, but think about it. If you have an understanding of when you can kill your lane opponent, and when your lane opponent can kill you, you will likely win your lane. If you have an understanding of when your team can survive a teamfight and when they will all die in a teamfight, you will likely pick good fights that you can win, thus giving you map control and, later, victory.

The difference between the teams that qualified for season three and the ones that did not often came down to the winning teams knowing when they could push their way into fights and when to avoid them. It may sound simple, but it’s from this principal that LoL success springs. So try and do your best to learn when to fight and when to run. And if you are like some people I play with and a low health bar is just a suggestion and not a warning… here’s a delightful article on how to juke like a true champion.





3 thoughts on “Twohp makes it on stream, wins and talks to you about LCS live qualifiers!

  1. I also noticed a lot of just health stacking. It’s kind of a bummer but the items with armor and magic resist are just not that attractive anymore. There are far more options for health and better ones. I think they need to lower the price and give us more than a few options. Otherwise I can see champs that do percent-health damage becoming very strong picks in the near future.
    Knowing when to pick your fight was definitely a huge factor in the qualifiers. Several teams made amazing comebacks through discipline and timing. It was one of the cooler competitions I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I admit that I read most of that but did not make it to the end. That’s good though. It shows that they are paying attention to state of the game and think the same way we do

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