Season Three Online Qualifiers: Info and Unofficial Team Rosters

I thought that it was kind of a shame that a little bit more information hasn’t been released about the season three online qualifiers. A lot of sports love to promote “amateur” events like these to showcase the fact that regular people, and not just pros, have a shot at making it to the top. I want to remedy this travesty  by providing you with some information that will allow you to not only watch the qualifiers but also know some teams to keep an eye on.

Schedule: Here (scroll down for complete times). NA games start at 10 am pacific time.

Streams: The list of Riot streamers is here. There will likely be others streaming informally as well.

Team Rosters: This information (scroll down for the rosters) was posted before the rosters were made official but it still contains more information than you can find anywhere else. (Unfortunately it is only for NA teams and I could not find a similar post for EU teams).

What’s the word on Twitter: Most of the pros, and we’re only hearing from the pros because the amateurs remain to be discovered and listened to, are convinced that even the best of the amateur teams can’t stack up against players who have actually played on the pro circuit. Folks such as Marn are so convinced that he’s not even joining his team in the qualifiers. Most of the pros are watching the teams that have pro or former pros on them, convinced that they will be the teams that will succeed.

Some summoners to watch: I don’t want to send you into the qualifiers without some non pro names to root for. The Salad Bar boasts a mid player named “EHomda.” EHomda is rumored to have one of the highest normal que elos in the world, and plays almost entirely pre made normal 5’s and no ranked solo que. If you’re like me and are dream of making it pro by playing nothing but normals, this is your team right here.

Top 16 na team inc are a bunch of amateurs on the cusp of becoming pros. They play a lot of the minor NESL events but have never been seen at any of the bigger events. I’m really hoping that these guys can give some of the more pro packed teams a run for their money. I will try to stay up on things and post some results and other information (blowups, LoL related assaults etc) as it becomes available.

Are you a huge Wingsofdeathx fan? And want to see if he’s more than just a solo que guru (his stream is actually one of the most informative streams you will find, I highly recommend it), check out EPIK Gamer’s matches.

If you’re looking to watch some LoL tomorrow, I would highly recommend trying to check out some of these matches. I am sure the pros will largely dominate, but I also fully expect a few surprises, a few upsets and the discovery of at least one new star for season three.


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