If You Can’t Handle OP, Avoid the Twisted Tree

Time for a quick rant. I hope to use this as inspiration to write a longer post about my thoughts on the Twisted Treeline map in the near future. Until then…

I used to be one of those people who complained that certain champions were OP on the Twisted Treeline (TT). The other team would have a Darius or a Singed and that would infuriate me. I was reminded just how silly that rage was when I played some Darius today on the TT. Our team started slow, with myself donating the firstblood, but stormed back to take the game handily. In the middle of it all, the other team decided to start accusing me of having no skill and continued to complain for the rest of the game rage about how OP and easy to play Darius is.

I have a few problems with what they were saying. Firstly, OP is a part of the TT. It always has been and likely always will be. In my mind, you don’t play TT because you are looking for a fair fight. You play TT to try out new characters, play a game with two other friends, or with the full knowledge that you are going to have to do something special to beat a Darius, Singed, Sion super combo of death.

Secondly, it wasn’t like I was simply going around and dunking these guys for the win. My team constantly had my back and our map control was far superior. Most of my dunks came courtesy of Cho knock ups. If I was unable to secure the kill our Shyvana would come in and finish the job. A single champ cannot win a threes game. Certain champs do have an easier time of securing victory, but even Darius needs a wing man or two to really dominate a game.

Finally, you have to admit that even “OP” champs do require skill. Darius can’t get off his dunks if he loses control of his lane or can’t catch his opponents. I have been on the other side and have beaten Darius into the ground by focusing him down early and often. Apparently the other team was too busy raging at me to even consider coordinating their focus or  buying some Guardian Angels. I think this just proves that raging is a total cop out. It is so much easier to accuse the other team of being OP, or someone on your team being bad, than it is to actually think about how you could change your play style to deal with the new problem.

So next time you head to the TT, I hope you face the most stupid, “OP,” noob driven, rage inspiring combo that was ever created.  When you hit this combo, I hope that you adapt your strategies, adapt your builds and play your butt off to get the win. And if you can’t get the win, I hope you remember that facing an “OP” comp is a risk that you accept every time you click “Twisted Treeline” on the matchmaking window, and you lose with some dignity and class. The best part of my game today is that I wouldn’t have hesitated to give the other team honor. They made some great plays, but ruined it all by giving into their rage and forgetting what the TT is all about.


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