No Randoms Night and Kayle Lights the Way

Every so often you need a little push to remind yourself why it is you do what you do. For League of Legends, my nudge came tonight in the form of a solid group of friends and a champion that I had a great deal of fun playing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty happy with LoL and its community. You seem to be able to find enough good people to rule out most of the bad people, and I do believe that Riot genuinely wants a positive atmosphere in the game. Let’s be honest though, you are usually never quite sure who you will be playing your next game with and whether or not they will frustrate the heck out of you. For me, my fellow summoners often end up being referred to as  “randoms.” I think this word perfectly sums up my relationship with the majority of other LoL players. Random chance brings us together for 40 minutes, and that is all there is to our relationship.

That’s why I was thrilled to spend my entire evening playing premade 5 v 5’s. If you have never experienced the wonders such games have to offer you should know that it’s a lot of fun. Picture, if you will, a setting in which you can try out new champions, new strategies and anything else your heart desires. All without the threat of your teammates and opponents ridiculing you or refusing to cooperate (except for the occasional bit of trash talk).

I know it’s not always possible to do, and doing too much of it would cause it to lose its charm, but the occasional premade 5 v 5 is a great way to relax, have some fun and remind yourself why you actually like this game. I guess what I am saying here is don’t turn down the chance to be part of a LoL group or play some LoL for fun with your friends. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to raise our elo and beat other people down that I think we forget how to actually enjoy this game.

If you made it through the above bit, which I’m sorry to say was definitely more sentimental than useful, here is something I hope you will find quite handy – AP Kayle. I have seen her in action a few times, and tonight I was able to try her out for myself. I had played some Kayle top lane and a fair bit of Kayle support, but I believe AP Kayle definitely has potential in the new season. The ratios on her Q are amazing and turn it into a huge nuke. Her Ult will always be useful in a teamfight, she is naturally tanky enough to deal with AD casters in the mid lane and she can do massive amounts of AoE damage.

I build her similar to how I build AP Teemo. Go for early attack speed with Nashor’s tooth, throw down some magic pen (Liandry’s is great on her because she can apply it as an AoE and her slow makes it very effective) and then finish off with your larger AP items. You can also go for more on hit and add a rage blade or a blade of the Ruined King.

So try out AP Kayle, get some friends together for some premade 5 v 5’s, and if you’re still not having fun, here’s a catchy reminder of just what League we’re playing in that will get you dancing. Easy33, this jam is for you.



4 thoughts on “No Randoms Night and Kayle Lights the Way

  1. some good old premade games are always a blast. It definitely makes losing a blast if your messing around puts you on the losing end of a game. Even some Premade 3s or if you can get 6 or more players for an ARAM or a game of Hide and Seek you can really have a fun time. Glad you had some fun and a little leeway to try out that Kayle build.

    • It was definitely a fun little break from the Yolo que grind. I’m usually pretty lucky in that I have a group of folks I play with, so we usually have at least 5 people to play together. How about you? Do you have a crew you play with or at least someone solid to keep you company in the ques?

      • My brother and I, who are starting this blog together have a core group that we hang with but I have tons of friends who play this game and I can usually find someone to queue with unless I just want to play a few alone here and there.

      • That’s awesome. It’s nice to have that little bit of insulation from some of the jerks that you find playing this game. Though I was thinking about it and I think the best thing about doing premades is that it is much easier to get the position you want to play. I seem to have no luck out typing “top” against randoms, but I can usually talk my friends into letting me go there 🙂

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