Pro Scene Update – What’s up at CLG

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Remember the good ole days when CLG was just CLG and not CLG Prime or Black or EU? Well, it looks like the good ole days are upon us again. CLG made a number of big announcements today regarding a clothing line, a roster change, a tournament and a fairly major departure. Let me break it down for you.

If you feel like you’re quite the “Hotshot,” and are looking for some stylish new threads, look no further than CLG’s new clothing line that will be available from GGWP Apparel. Sad that you didn’t find a design you like? Well if you go here, you can actually vote on some of the future prints that they will be going with.

CLG found themselves without a support player or an alternate for the upcoming season. They moved quickly to solve this problem and announced that Link115 will be joining the team as an alternate, with Aphromoo coming in as the new support player. For those of you who not seen these guys in action, keep an eye out for them. Link is a well respected mid player who plays one of the best mid Nidalees I have watched in a while.

I’m intrigued by the Aphromoo selection. If you have ever watched his stream (and if you haven’t you should – he’s hilarious) you know he is one of the best AD carries out there, and he is probably the reason we see Draven played so much these days. “Being given the opportunity to play support for CLG makes me a little giddy because I will be able to play a role I am most comfortable in,” says Aphromoo. It’s good to see him saying the right things, but you have to wonder how long he will be happy resisting the urge to play AD carry.

And with those new players, CLG will be hoping to do well in a new tournament they will be hosting. Apparently they will be joining the fad of having teams qualify for this tournament by being on top of the NA ranked 5’s ladder. Personally, I would have waited to see how Riot’s experiment with this style of qualifying worked before following suit. Yes, it’s cool to get to see some amateur talent in action (at least on the one team that isn’t made up entirely of pros), but I won’t even get started (at least in this post) on all of the trouble and confusion currently surrounding Riot’s qualifying tournament. The good news is that we will get to watch the whole drama play our right before our eyes over the next few months!

You may not know this about me, but I am actually a huge CLG fanboy. Problem is, the CLG team I was a huge fan of is no longer with CLG. That’s right,  CLG.EU is heading on to greener pastures. “While I am sad to see CLG EU leave, I understand their position and the wonderful opportunity that has been presented to them,” said HotshotGG. I’m glad to see that the parting was amicable and I won’t have to hold any grudges against HotshotGG for sending away more things that I love.

Word on Twitter is that former CLG.EU itself will be staying together – just under a new sponsor. This move probably should probably not have surprised me given the fact that they were signed by CLG as unknowns and have now become some of the most high profile players in Europe. I’m sure the boys will continue to have success, and I can only hope that they will play for a team whose name I can easily chant after a long night of LoL watching.

There are a few other minor (at least for us gaming types) changes that you can read about in the official article here. It has definitely been a very interesting day for CLG. I certainly hope the moves pay off, as I would like to see one of the North American teams actually challenge the dominance of the Asian and European teams. Give CLG credit for not being afraid to make the moves they felt they needed to make. Finding out whether or not they were actually the right moves should keep us all entertained well into the start of season three.

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