Reviews on the Run: Vi


You’re busy, I’m busy, so let’s get down to business. Who is this Vi chick, what will she do against me and how can she be stopped.

Her Passive: When her abilities damage an enemy, she gains a shield that is equal to a percentage of her max health. It’s not huge, but it can make the difference in a close duel.

Her Q. Will dash to you and knock you back. If she fully charges it she will have decent range and damage. It does slow her when she uses it, so you can see it coming. It procs her passive and W, so be careful for that.

Her W. When Vi has some points in this, you should notice circles forming under your character when she hits you. When there are two circles, her next hit will deal bonus damage based on your max health, will shred your armor and will give her an attack speed bonus. Her base attack speed is fairly low, but make sure you are accounting for that bonus damage when you get in a prolonged fight with her

Her E. I think this will be her go-to move unless someone figures out a way to maximize the damage her W pumps out. E sends out a blast of damage behind whatever she auto attacks. It’s a decent poke, does decent damage, resets her auto attacks and she can cast two blasts of it in fairly short order. She can only store two charges of it at a time, but she can get those charges pretty quick with some CDR.

Her Ult. She becomes the world’s strongest linebacker. Basically she runs at you, while immune to crowd control, grabs you, tosses you up into the air and then slams you to ground. All of this technically counts as a suppression. If your team tries to stop her, she knocks them aside and does damage to them. You can see how this will be annoying for carries.

How I would build her: I think your priorities are going to be cool down reduction, health and damage. The more frequently she can spam her abilities, the more damage she can deal and the more she can make use of her passive shield. The more health you build, the stronger her passive. She scales decently off of attack damage, so I would make that your next priority. I tinkered around a little bit with prioritizing attack speed to try and maximize her W, but I found that she did not do enough damage for how squishy it left her. I believe most people will max her E first. After that, I like to max her W so I can win prolonged trades. Q can do a lot of damage, but is harder to land. I like to use it to proc her W and leave it at that.

First Impressions: I believe she is deceptively all in, but has the ability to punch her way out of one on one situations. Her dash needs to be charged to go any great distance, and slows her while she is charging it, so I don’t see it being the best escape in the world. The poke from her E is quite strong, if she lines it up properly, but this will lead to her lane being pushed quite quickly. This should leave her open to ganks that will be difficult for her to escape from. Of course, if those ganks don’t come, and she is able to keep landing her E, she will probably win her lane. I believe she should be able to trade with most of the champions out there, but might have some trouble against ranged champs. Her early mana costs are on the high side, so ranged champs might be able to kite her down.

Her ult is going to make her a nightmare for carries, but i believe she shouldn’t be overly hard to kite if she goes in too far ahead of her team. If she is able to spam abilities, she will probably survive for quite a while in fights and do respectable damage to even the tankiest of characters thanks to her W.

Overall, I fully expect to see Vi terrorize games for a while. I do believe that the best way to stop her will be to make it a team effort as she will have trouble escaping bad situations. I am thoroughly looking forward to playing more of her in the top lane and will probably try her out in the jungle as well (though I think her pre 6 ganks will be a little lacking). If you are looking for a chick who can deal some  serious damage, you should definitely pick her up. If you don’t feel like buying her, hopefully this quick review will at least give you the knowledge you need to deal with her. And this little video will give you a chance to laugh at her.

One thought on “Reviews on the Run: Vi

  1. Now, I haven’t had the chance to run her in a real game yet (nobody is online and I fear the public at large) but having run her through a bot game I can say she’s incredibly viable in the jungle. Even without a pull I was in decent enough shape to gank post level 4, and with a pull i imagine i’d have about 1 pot to spare. Clear time is fast, damage is wonderful. Skill order W>E>E>Q, then gank whenever possible.

    I went wriggles>boots>Black Cleaver>Bulwark>zephyr (every last stat here is good on her) and at that point the match was over.

    Can’t say if my item build would be viable in a real game, but post wriggles she basically doesn’t take jungle damage and can gank as she pleases. I highly recommend movespeed quints (can’t stack those denting blows if you can’t keep up)

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