Wanted: A Champ for the New Jungle


A little while back, I found myself invited to a team. I like playing with people I know, I like ranked 5’s, so how could I say no? Only problem was they needed someone to jungle…something that really isn’t my strong suit. I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimidated of the new jungle and the mysteries it held. Then, I discovered that the easiest way to defeat the new jungle is to poke it repeatedly with a stick – held by Xin Zhao.

The current jungle (which is likely to change before season three officially starts) demands a few things from junglers. You need to be able to sustain (because the creeps are tougher), you need to have somewhat decent clear times (as you will already find yourself behind in levels no matter how hard you farm) and you need to find time to gank (because you will get yelled at if you don’t).

Xin fulfills all of these needs excellently. His Q and W combine to give you decent clear times, and with the aid of a wriggles lantern, will keep you in quite decent health. Unlike some junglers, who need a fairly perfect set of circumstances to get a kill off of a gank, Xin is able to lock up opponents fairly easily as his e serves as both a dash and insta slow. With a blue buff on, there’s a great chance you’ll land your full combo and easily pick up a first blood or hurt your opponent enough to force them from lane.

A lot is being asked of today’s jungle and those who are man enough to face it (forgive me but I’m building to something). If you are looking for a new champion that offers you a bit of everything that you need to play in the jungle, I would highly recommend Xin. I would say that he does require some skill to master, but is fairly easy to pick up and play. So if you are like me, and find yourself forced into the jungle with limited practice time and champs, Xin should be exactly what you are looking for!

Also, you can think of Mulan and get Penta Kills – the proof is right here


7 thoughts on “Wanted: A Champ for the New Jungle

  1. It’s good to hear Xin’s doing pretty good after this big patch. He was really underwhelming for a while before his reword and even after I couldn’t figure out the secret to doing well with him. I’ll have to give him another try. And of course, that video is always awesome!

    • I still find his late game to not be quite as good as some other champs but I think my bigger problem is I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to use his ult. When called upon to jungle, who have you guys been using lately?

      • Personally, I’m a big fan of Nunubot in the jungle. Otherwise I like to try different ones all the time. I haven’t gotten too much time in this new jungle but I think they had a positive impact on Jungle Akali since it slows up all ganks a little and she’s not the only one who has to wait a while before they attempt one. I want to try Diana jungle and I think I could possibly make Kassadin work after some trial and error. Malph is a fun one as well. I can get into little spurts of playing this game way too much haha.

      • Haha I know what you mean, knightmarejjd. I really like Nunu in the jungle too. He’s just so reliable; it’s kind of hard to go wrong with him. I have to admit I am really intrigued by your jungle Akali. I feel like someday you should post a guide, so I can give that a try!

  2. He’s kind of like an olaf light, an anti carry in team fights. Dash into them and be disruptive while your team dps’.

    And I’m glad you’re on the xin train. Told you he was so much fun!

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