End of Days? Nope, End of Cleavers

the-black-cleaver negative

Just when we thought that the Black Cleaver (BC) would rule supreme forever (ok we knew that wasn’t going to happen but it kind of felt like it), it appears that a fix is on the way. Word on the street is that the fix will be coming in tonight and that it will take care of the reign of the BC. Interestingly enough, several other reigns might come to an end with this fix. I’ll link you to Riot’s page here for the fix specifics, but I will give you a few potential champion falls from favor to watch for.

The Reign of Rengar. Ok I know using Reign was a little uncreative, but I’m a pretty big fan of alliteration. Initial rumors were that only Rengar’s health regen was going to be nerfed, but it looks like they will also be taking down his base damage and delaying the casting of his ult as an escape tool. Rengar has remained a terror through numerous past nerfs, but I cannot help but think this will be the one that might do him in. The first nerf transformed Rengar from a bursty AD brawler into more of a sustain bruiser that you would build a tonne of health on, to take advantage of his regen, before you built damage on him. Now, not only has his all important regen been nerfed, they have further reduced his AD damage. I think this might be a bit too much for Rengar to handle, or maybe it will simply bring him down to the same level as everyone else in the top lane, you never know.

The Defeat of Diana. I have to hand it to Diana, she had a pretty good run of being considered one of the most versatile and overpowered champions in the game. You feared her in mid, you prayed she didn’t gank you in the jungle, you banned her in threes and that was just how it was. It appears that Riot has responded by weakening pretty much every aspect of her game play. Will this be enough to take her out of favor? I’m not entirely convinced. I think it will make her a little bit more difficult to play, but I don’t think she was really that difficult to use to begin with. As I once declared to a teammate, “I have no clue how to play Diana but I seem to just be able to hit buttons and get kills.” I can see her being a bit more challenging now, a bit less played now, but I believe that her kit remains solid and we still see her used by those who have actually taken the time to master her.

Honorable mention – A Zyra with less Zoom (I may have had to google a word that started with Z). I saw one of my friends crying about this on facebook, and I admit I don’t feel a tonne of sympathy (sorry). I have long believed that Zyra does just a bit too much damage, even without items. All you need to do is take a look at all of the support Zyras out there doing a decent amount of damage with their ults and other abilities despite not building AP to know exactly what I’m talking about. My personal feelings aside, I don’t think these nerfs will hurt her too much. Most of the nerfs are focused squarely on her passive and, honestly, that is easily her least used aspect. The harsh reality is that if you are relying on her passive to get kills, you are already dead. There’s a few other minor changes, but I think Zyra will continue to kick butt all over the map – as long as she stays alive.

Now, to quickly finish with some champs on the Ryze, errr rise (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Elise continues to get cleaned up and refined. I believe Elise has a lot of potential and probably a bit too much power. I think she has been lucky to avoid being nerfed so far, and the only reason we haven’t been seeing a lot more of her is that the pros are still practicing on her before they begin using her to rock the LoL scene. She is a bit on the squishy side (when compared with a Rengar or even Diana), but I’ll be very interested to see if we don’t start seeing a bit more of her at and after the next major pro tournament.

As I stated in a previous post, I think that Master Yi’s stock will be on the rise heading into season three. This fix will only help that. The cast time on his Q has been lowered and the chance of it hitting for bonus damage has been increased. Keep your eye on Yi, I almost guarantee you will find him running around a jungle near you this holiday season.

We shall see what comes of this quick fix. Apparently Riot does believe that the new jungle is significantly flawed, but they will not be addressing this until later. Until then, keep an eye on some of the champions I’ve mentioned above. If you play any of them, let me know if you think the patches helped or hurt them. If you feel that your champion has been horribly wronged (by either Riot or myself) don’t hesitate to reply to this post with evidence to support your case or just a good old fashioned angry rant (some restrictions apply, don’t see store for details).

4 thoughts on “End of Days? Nope, End of Cleavers

  1. OMG! WHY YOU HATE ZYRA! Jk! Seriously though, I am happy about the Diana and BC nerfs. Rengar is gonna be way less scary, I think, so that’s also good for those of us who play squishy champs. I’m excited to see how the rest of the pre-season changes shape up.

    • Agreed. I always forget what kind of effect Rengar can have on squishy AP’s in team fights or even with his sly mid lane stealth ganks. And I think Zyra will be fine, it just means you deserve an even bigger pat on the back when you land your passive 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see these nerfs on Rengar. Hopefully we’ll see more of them building like assassins and not tanky bruisers and also the heal on his battle roar is gonna be more reasonable now because it was sort of like a summoner heal he could use a lot more often to bait people with.
    As for Diana, I’m a little sad but I can see why it had to be done. I have the same experience you have with her, just hit buttons and kill people. This will make her less of a constant pick and we should be seeing more skilled Dianas carrying not just every Diana.
    I’m also excited to see how the Black Cleaver will do now. If this will really do anything to stop people from grabbing a bunch of them and rocking the enemy. We’ll see.

    • Very well said about Diana and Rengar. I believe, I think Riot does too, that a champion should provide you with the tools to dominate a game but should not instantly assure that you can do this without a little skill and practice. I’m hoping that the Black Cleaver now becomes a normal item – is good on some champs but isn’t a “must build” item.

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