Monday Night Revenge – Do you need it?

Have you ever lost a game you felt you should have won? Have you ever been unhappy at what the other team said or the fact that they made their champs taunt you as your Nexsus was destroyed? Have the matchmaking gods ever given you a second chance to play that team? Did you win this rematch? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you have experienced one of the best feelings, in my opinion, in League of Legends. Winning after a loss always feels good, winning at the expense of the players who beat you before is always just a little bit better.

Tonight some friends and I played a game on the Twisted Treeline. We had Xin Zhou, Zed and Gangplank against Garen, Zed and Rumble. We managed to jump out to an early lead but started doing silly things and quickly found that we could not win fights against the other team. They seemed pretty proud of their victory, and we couldn’t help feel a little dejected. One of my buddies wanted to sleep, but I convinced him to stay on for one more game.  It was a good thing I did, as we were about to get one of those rare opportunities for a LoL rematch. I grabbed Jarvan and my friends had Diana and Talon. Our enemies again had Garen, joined this time with a Fizz and a Corki. We positioned our level one fight to take place in the bottom lane bush and we executed it perfectly, killing all three of our opponents for no loss. Two of the kills were on me and allowed me to buy a brutalizer on my first back. After that, the other team simply could not trade with me. It only took us 14 minutes of ganks and tower dives to have our revenge. It was a great feeling.

I have to admit that I am quite fond of getting the chance to win rematches. I find that it always makes me feel a lot better about my previous loss, and gives me a great deal of self confidence. The problem with relying on waiting for and winning a rematch is that it rarely ever happens.  What you do get more often is the opportunity to identify people you like playing with or against. So instead of sitting around and waiting for a rematch to make yourself feel better about losing, I hope you take a chance and add a few players who might have caught your eye with their talent or sportsmanship. You can spend your days playing LoL the way most of this community does, full of rage and waiting for revenge to make themselves feel better, or you can actually meet some solid people who will remind you why this is one of the best games out there. While I do enjoy getting my revenge, it is always that much sweeter because of the amazing people I get to share it with.

And if you still can’t find happiness, take a look at the World’s Best Trollcrank. If you don’t end up chuckling by the end of this video you are probably more of a robot than Blitz himself!

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