Quick Thoughts on Season Three and More

Happy Friday to everyone! I have a lot to talk about but do not want to spend all of my Friday talking about it, so I am hoping to get out a bunch of pieces of information, that I promise will help you out, very quickly. So watch your feet, cause I’m about to drop some knowledge.

-The season three patch continues to bring change and mixed reviews. If you are going to the top lane, and most of the other lanes for that matter, you should take note that a lot of people are no longer starting with boots and three health pots. The standard now seems to be to take something like a long sword and as many pots as you can carry. I have also seen people take a Crystalline Flask and, if a philo stone will benefit you, I personally like to take the first two items of the philo stone and three pots. That option gives you a lot of health and mana regen and means you can buy the philo stone, easily, in your first time back to base

-I’ve talked to a friend who jungles and he is swearing by attack speed runes, even more so than last season. Attack speed runes are awesome because attack speed is expensive to build in game, the runes get you more procs from your hunter’s machete and that helps you with quicker and safer clears of the jungle. His belief is that Wriggles is no longer worth it compared to the new items build out of the spirit stone, because those items offer a lot more utility and base regeneration than wriggles does.

-If you’re a bruiser, or anyone else who wants to deal damage, the new black cleaver is a must have. It has health, cool down reduction and a nice armor shred that helps your whole team do more damage. Those stats are hard to ignore. Yes it is expensive, but it’s components (brutalizer, health crystal) aren’t exactly useless on their own. As one pro (Wingsofdeathx) pointed out, in the new season damage is plentiful and cheap whereas resistances are expensive and weak. The new philosophy on bruisers, at least for the moment, seems to be that you need to do enough damage to actually burst someone down before you get burst down. It’s simply not as easy for tanks to get into and out of fights, without dying, like they used to. If killing an enemy carry is your game, the Black Cleaver will help you do this.

-If you’re looking to try out someone new in the jungle, or want to know who you can expect to see ganking your lane these days, Warwick, Xin Zhou, and Master Yi seem to have regained a lot of their popularity thanks to their sustain and reasonable clearing speeds. I’m not sure if we’ll see more of him, but I definitely believe Olaf is tailor made for the new jungle. He has sustain, an area of effect clear, a great deal of single target damage for the big creeps and he can be an amazing ganker if you can land your axe.

-I was very surprised to see a Nami, champion spotlight here, appear right in the middle of one of my afternoon games. At the time, she was so new I could not even buy her because I had logged in an hour  before the patch had been brought out. She is the first true support with an area of effect stun in her kit that she can use at level one, plus, she has a gigantic tidal wave for an ult. Don’t worry, it’s kind of slow so you do get a decent chance to dodge it. Problem is, she can start it from outside the lane so you can’t see it coming. In my game against her she was quite strong during the laning phase. She seems to have enough mana to spam abilities and she has a multi target heal to keep her AD carry going. Definitely worth a look if you like supports.

-I knew the Public Beta Environment (PBE) would be swamped today, so I made my way on in the wee hours of the night to take a look at the new champion, Vi. No relation to Yi, her name maybe be short but she is not short on utility. You can find a video of her and her abilities here. Her moves look pretty sweet. She is going to be a bruiser who should be able to jungle as well. She scales strongly off of AD. Her passive gives her a percentage of her maximum health as a shield after she uses an ability to attack an enemy. She has a dash that you can charge up and will knock back your opponent. Her W does a percentage of max health in damage each time she attacks an enemy three straight times. It also shreds armor on the third attack and increases Vi’s attack speed. Her E can be activated and when she attacks an enemy it sends out a blast of damage behind that enemy. Looks like it should be great for poking. Finally, her ult basically causes her to turn into a linebacker, charge through to her target and knock them around for a second and a half. She also knocks aside anyone who gets between her and her target. Definitely worth a look, as I imagine we will be seeing a fair bit of her once she is released.

-One other cool thing I saw on the PBE is that it looks like, in the future, when your champion is recalling their mini map icon will become surrounded by a flashing blue circle. I really like this, as there are quite a few times when you glance at the mini map, think you have backup, start a fight and find yourself outnumbered because your “nearby” teammate was on their way back to base.

Ok, I think those are my quick Friday thoughts. Now I know a lot of you might be considering doing some pretty crazy stuff this weekend, either in LoL or in the real world. But, please, before you do anything too unbecoming, take a second and ask yourself, what would Heimerdinger do?



4 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on Season Three and More

  1. I bought Nami and she is great fun to play. Much more aggressive than the other supports I’ve played as.

    It’s tough to land her Q on enemies, its slow and obvious where it’s going. Slows are required against good players.

    • That’s awesome, Eamon. How do you think she would do against a lane with a Taric or Leona in it? My thoughts are that when Taric or Leona comes forward to stun you can hit them with your Q either first, to prevent the stun, or after the stun to take away some of the damage. Also, how are you liking her ult? Have you used it in any cool and creative ways? With that long range, it seems like you could use it to do some pretty interesting stuff in your lane or as a surprise in another lane.

  2. Leona could be tough as Nami is incredibly squishy so you could easily become the target of her stuns and be burst down. Taric would be easier as it’s very obvious when he

    Her ultimate isn’t that powerful, the best use I’ve found is when chasing or being chased to buy time. If you can follow it up with your Q straight away you can lock out an opponent for quiet awhile. It’s range allows it to be a good initiator, when playing with Amumu using it after his ult allowed the carries to deal a lot of damage safely.

    • Thanks for the report! I will look to try and combo the ult in with other good cc. So far, my biggest problem has been actually landing the darn stun. Hopefully this gets better with practice!

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