A Strange Game of LoL Indeed

Have you ever watched one of those horror movies where a group of innocent people, attempting to do something normal that they felt was safe, suddenly find themselves trapped in a diabolical game? Escape seems like it should be easy, but the trap has been designed ingeniously to make escape nearly impossible. The captors usually present the captives with a list of rules they have to follow or challenges they have to complete. If the captives succeed, they get to stay alive or perhaps earn some other reward. If they fail, they are penalized or more often killed. I wouldn’t have thought such a movie could play out inside a game of LoL, but tonight I was proven wrong.

As my two friends and I were getting ready to play our normal que game, one of the two other players informed us that we were about to play a very strange game of LoL. In the game, we would be presented with a series of questions. If we got the questions wrong, we would be penalized. If we got the questions right, our “captors” would assist us. At this point we really should have que dodged. I’m always the first one to scoff at the characters in horror movies who can’t resist exploring that haunted house, well, now I know exactly why they walk into that house even when they know they should leave – what’s the worst that could happen?

As promised, the questions started coming hard and fast. They were all focused on LoL trivia and I had to give our two captors credit, they knew their stuff. The questions were mostly champion trivia. I am sure they probably just search through the LoL wiki to get most of it. A couple of my teammates were stoked to try to get the questions right and were heartbroken when we got the first one wrong. I was more heartbroken when, as a result of our failure, our two captors promptly fed themselves to the other team, much to that team’s confusion.

Our captors did try to help us get kills when we got questions right (and also allowed us to skip future hard questions) but this is LoL – early feeding = snowballed lanes = GG. The most nefarious part of our captors whole scheme, and I didn’t appreciate this until we got there, was that because there were two of them they could effectively block any surrender vote. At 20 minutes, they began asking us a series of questions that if we got correct we would be allowed to surrender. Thankfully, we got the questions right and the game was allowed to come to an end.

Honestly, it was an intriguing  idea and if I was in a silly mood and just messing around I would have been really impressed by it. In reality, there were a few flaws with it. Both of our captors were essentially refusing to participate in the game while the questions were being asked. This left us without a jungler or support. Our captors weren’t bad, but they weren’t good enough to just magically reinsert themselves into the game and produce kills and make up for lost farm, especially after they had already fed several lanes and, in the jungler’s case, failed to put any pressure on the others. Basically, this meant that just by playing the game you were losing the game. Unless the other team was awful or you were amazing I don’t really see any way the game could be won. Secondly, I don’t know about you but I’m still at that stage of LoL where I tend to get quite focused on farming and trading with my lane opponent. Having to quickly read, think of an answer, and type out said answer to a question proved to be very difficult for me. With my attention divided all over the place, I am pretty sure I was well on my way to losing my lane regardless of what our captors did.

The last thing I was amazed with was how well myself and my other teammates were able to keep our composure. These captors seemed quite well-practiced and I bet they get a lot of rage and reports. In true LoL style, someone on the other team thanked us for wasting their time, when the game was done, even though we had informed them of what was happening and really, as members of the losing team, it was OUR time being wasted.

My mind wasn’t entirely made up on how I felt about this strange game. I have to say I would it would be interesting to see what kinds of reactions these guys get from the people they play with, but I did feel like my time had been wasted. My inner turmoil may remain but the threat of my playing this strange game again certainly does not. Sometimes, the most satisfying button you will press in a LoL game really is the “report” button.


One thought on “A Strange Game of LoL Indeed

  1. I would absolutely, with no second though, report these guys. If they want to have a gameshow in lol, then invite people under that pretense; don’t spring it as a surprise on your teammates, and for that matter the opposing team, who may or may not be interested – that’s completely unfair and just isn’t a medium that lends itself to that sort of shenanigans.

    If they ASK – and people on both teams agree, there’s no harm done. If they’re dual-queuing then they are complete assholes.

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