Tuesday Trials of Terror – Facing the Season Three Jungle

Just when you thought you were getting comfortable with League of Legends BAM, the new season three changes are kicked in. I was really hoping to avoid the new jungle, having written it off as being a scary place full of tough monsters and even tougher hard sustaining junglers, but somehow I ended up jungling a few games.

Didn’t even have any of the new masteries up and kicking for it but still managed to do ok. I will tell you all this, it has definitely gotten a lot tougher to clear in the early going. My advice is that if you end up being thrown into a game, before trying out your clears a few times in customs,  you should start with the Hunters Machete and five pots. I found that I didn’t really need the 5 pots on Olaf, but they were very useful on Rengar. Of course, my biggest fear is dying to one of my jungle minions and my team calling me names. If you’re braver than I you might want to try something more interesting. If you like sustain junglers you will enjoy the new jungle as you can just farm forever and more than keep up with everyone else. If you like squishy assassin style junglers you may need a bit of practice to make sure you don’t get cut down by the creeps, but you may also like the new items that help your ability to get those clutch kills when you do emerge from your jungle adventures.

Looks like my prediction on Yi has come true. I think this has more to do with his excellent sustain and quick clear times than him appearing in IPL 5, but I may have given myself a small pat on the back. I’m still trying to figure out what new items and masteries work and don’t. The biggest question mark for me right now is Perseverance (the health regen one) in the defense tree. I can’t tell if it’s worth investing in over some of the other stuff, and it appears that public opinion is still out on it. One gentleman did kind of a review on what the masteries are intended to do, you can find that here. The other thing I am trying to figure out is if starting with that biscuit and explorer ward are useful on support. I think the ward would be worth it for sure if it lasted for the full three minutes, but it currently does not. The biscuit was kind of nice early game, but I’m not sure if having a one time biscuit is more valuable than having a mastery point somewhere else that could help me throughout the game. If anyone has any thoughts on the new masteries please let me know.

My kill of the night was on a Riven I was running in the top lane. My Lee Sin had come up to gank and so had the other team’s jungle Pantheon. Both myself and the Volibear I was fighting made our way down into the top tri bush to fight with our junglers. We managed to kill Lee Sin and narrowly evade Voli, as everyone was down to no health. As I headed towards my turret I realized that I had just hit level six, and I was very curious… So I popped my Ult, walked back towards the peacefully farming Voli and absolutely destroyed him with one shot from my ult. There is a time to stay and farm your lane, unfortunately for Voli, this was not one of those times.

Hopefully your first day out with the new patch was as productive as mine. If I could just get the hang of the new shop I would be pretty happy with the changes to this point. Try out the new jungle, tinker around with the new masteries, explore the new items and let me know what you think of them. I will try and get some of my impressions down as soon possible. Let’s just hope that like a Master Yi in the jungle, I won’t be slowed down!


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