Saturday night, watching some IPL and playing some games

Sorry for the slow posts / replies to comments. I had a delightful non LoL Friday night and spent most of Saturday recovering from that. Today was spent watching some IPL 5 (someday I hope CLG EU learns to close when they have an early lead) and playing some top lane. I got to bust out my Jayce against Rammus (don’t ever play Rammus top against a ranged laner, you get poked down so bad), dunked a Darius with Garen and took a Rengar into lane against a Malphite.

I have to admit that Rengar wouldn’t have been my first choice but he actually made out surprisingly well. I made sure to max my e (bola) and my w (roar) first so that I could constantly harass Malphite (to keep his passive shield down) and sustain myself through our trades. I didn’t do a tonne of damage to him (sorry Phreak) but just enough that I could whittle him down. The big difference maker was that my combo cost nothing and a couple of trades saw him run out of mana very quickly, so he couldn’t trade with me.

Also, if you ever play rengar top lane and push your opponent back to his tower, or something of that sort, use your stealth to gank mid or other lanes. You can either do this by walking down or coming up through lane. I did this twice to the Katarina, who was fighting my mid, and you could tell that afterwards Kat was scared to push when they did not have vision on me.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’m hoping to do a quick recap of IPL 5 and what it means for us, the average summoner, by Monday.  Stay tuned, and if you’re watching IPL 5 and follow this blog, please don’t rub it in my face that Azubu Blaze has been sent home already.

Oh, and a quick salute to the awesome ganking potential of Rengar.

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