2hp makes it on to a stream, and loses

So tonight’s adventures were kind of amusing. First game out I find myself thinking that the name of the other team’s mid is kind of familiar and that maybe I had seen her stream some LoL games before. Naturally, I took a quick look through twitch tv and found nothing. We proceeded to get our butts handed to us by this team.

Second game out, and praise Riot and the match making system, its the same team again. This time I definitely take a look on twitch tv and, sure enough, there she is streaming our game. So 138 people definitely watched while I got my butt kicked by Trinaa and her band of misfits (despite my best efforts to ghost her, which were actually pretty successful just done a little late).

It’s ok though because after that game we definitely made sure to avoid them, and I got to Olaf top against a Darius. I was already level two by the time he got there, and let me tell you guys, if Olaf hits two and you are only level one you are in for a world of pain. Those reckless swings will ruin your night faster than having 138 people watch you wiff on a Riven ult.

Anyways, I’m going to keep this short and sweet and try to make an actual post tomorrow. Just in the process of doing a bit of research for it. Check out Trinaa’s stream to see the replay of my epic defeat (in fairness, her and her pals were definitely a good 400 elo above us), and if she’s not your cup of tea, Hafu is also very good watching for those folks who love support.

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